About Us

Carpet Sculpture International, Inc. (CSI)
and Carpet Sculpture Gallery® (CSG),
are privately held California Corporations with International Headquarters in
La Habra Heights, California.


Volker K. Bauerle, President and co-founder of CSG & CSI, has been in the carpet business since 1963.

Over the years, Volker got tired of seeing the same old wall-to-wall carpets. “There was nothing new on the market” he says.

Volker & Gina Bauerle

After years of searching for a unique and exciting product, Volker and his wife Gina finally came up with a real winner.

"And this is how it all started," Volker said:

"You see, my wife Gina and I were born and raised in Germany. As children, we were taken to many castles... and one thing we both remembered, was the stunning handcrafted carpets on the floors and walls, matching a landscape, or a stained-glass window design.

The most amzing part was that some of these one-of-a-kind artworks were about 500 years old and still beautiful."

I asked Gina...

"If we could recapture this ancient art and use today's technology to make it even better, so we'd be able to inlay intricate, colorful designs matching people's wallpaper, or upholstery fabric, or stained-glass windows, or company logos, etc... and then we'd sculpt out the details in the artwork to make it even more attractive. But most of all...

Make It Affordable For The Middle-Class,
Not Just For The Rich...

do you think our customers would want to own something like this?"

Did they ever...

To make a long story short, the Bauerle's learned the craft of carpet design & sculpture and over the years elevated it to a new plateau, creating an amazing process that produces beautiful, three-dimensional custom inlaid and sculpted carpet .

“Our proprietary technique and Patent-Pending tools make it possible to take any client's design and hand-craft stunning custom carpets”.

Word of CSG’s carpet artistry got around quickly and before long Volker and Gina had more business than they could possibly handle. Something had to be done.

In 1990 the decision was made to setup a network of affiliated craftspersons by training a select and capable group of entrepreneurs in the art of carpet sculpting and marketing.

Since 1991, nearly 600 CSG Affiliates in the US & Canada have learned the proprietary CSG System™ and started their own businesses, offering custom carpets to the commercial and residential market. In addition, CSG signed up Master Licensees in the UK & Ireland and Singapore


Corporate Data

International Headquarters:
1259 Popenoe Rd.
La Habra Heights, CA 90631
Tel.: +1.562.217.4399
Fax: +1.562.691.7582

Carpet Sculpture Gallery®, was formed in 1990 as a training center for Old World Carpet Sculpture. A national expansion is being pursued to train qualified affiliates who -- after graduation -- will be able to offer custom carpet sculptures to home and business owners in their area.

Carpet Sculpture International, Inc. was founded in 1991 as the corporate headquarters for the international expansion of Carpet Sculpture Gallery®.

At the present time, the sale of our proprietary CSG System™ to Master & Regional CSG Licensees from 66 foreign countries is being pursued.

Corporate Officers:
Volker Bauerle - President
Robert Bauerle - Executive Vice President
Regina Bauerle - Secretary-Treasurer


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