RugArt™ As A HobbyCraft

If you act quickly, you can get an incredible deal for a fraction of its $3,300 Value...

RugArt™ as a HobbyCraft teaches the art of carpet inlays. It has been developed by incorporating the first of three Broadcast Quality Videotapes & Manuals from our $11,900 CSG Home Study Course©.

Please note: The other two videos teach the art of carpet sculpting, and are not part of this HobbyCraft program. However, a 2nd RugArt™ HobbyCraft Course teaching carpet sculpting, will be offered separately in the near future.

By ordering RugArt™ as a HobbyCraft, you will learn how to create stunning, inlaid carpet artworks yourself that could be valued at thousands, even tens-of-thousands of dollars...

Here is just one example about the value of custom inlaid carpet:

A 5' x 7' custom carpet was damaged in a flood. The area rug features two playing cards on a green background. One is the "King of Hearts" (about 24" x 48"), the other is "The Ace of Spades" (about 18" x 36"), with a set of dice sitting on the cards.

The owner of this area rug paid a company $7,000 in 1996, even though it was only inlaid, not sculpted. This proves without a doubt that even custom area rugs that have inlaid designs only, are worth a lot of money.

Since the company who inlaid the carpet is no longer at their old address, the owner of the area rug located us through the Internet. And the lady was thrilled to find out that we can duplicate her "Pride and Joy"... even though the replacement costs "slightly" more.

Places To Display One-Of-A-Kind RugArt™

  • RugArt™ -- incorporating designs from your wallpaper, upholstery, stained-glass window... is suitable for display on hard surfaces, i.e wood floors, tile, marble, granite...

  • RugArt™ Designs can also be inserted into wall-to-wall carpet, or used as an accent piece under your cocktail table, or other areas throughout your home.

  • And don't forget, RugArt™ Designs can be used as a wall hanging in your entry, library, livingroom, diningroom, familyroom, bedrooms, office...

Can you hear the "ooh's" and "aah's" coming from family members, friends and neighbors, when you first show them your amazing custom-designed carpets?

In other words, there is no limit for the areas RugArt™ will enhance.

By now, you'll probably ask yourself...

..."How much does the RugArt™ as a HobbyCraft Program cost?"

You'll be pleasantly surprised. For a limited time only, to launch this new program, you can get our...

...RugArt™ as a HobbyCraft Program
For The Introductory Price Of Only US $497!

Our Regular Price will be US $997 and will go into effect shortly. This is still way below the actual value of our New Program.

You see, the video alone is worth a minimum of $1,000. Then you add the tools, the know-how, three months of support, valued at $300 (after the initial support is expired, you have the option to renew at $100 per month)...

And here is what you get:

RugArt™ as a HobbyCraft
includes the following items...

Tools & Supplies
Quantity Item
Template Board with Flower Design
Pins to hold Template
Special Pen
Utility Knife with Blades
Hyde Knife
Carpenters Square
Seam-Welding Gun
Sticks of Special Carpet Adhesive
Aluminum Weight
Roll of Scrim (300 lin. ft.)
Piece of Fine Monk's-Cloth Backing
Can of Backing Glue
Hand Binder
Cotton Binding
Box of Galvanized Staples
Quality Carpets to Create Floral Design
CSG's Proprietary Hands-On Training Video #1 -- CARPET INLAY --
CSG Carpet Inlay Manual for Video #1
CSG Operations Manual
90 days
Via Email to answer Questions regarding the creation of RugArt™

Here are some of the things you'll be learning
in our RugArt™ as a HobbyCraft Program:

In the Carpet Inlay Videotape, our teachers Gina & David, demonstrate our proprietary method...

...How To Create Any Design Of Your Choice
And Incorporate It Into A
One-Of-A-Kind Custom Carpet Artwork...

...step-by-step. And since we added all the materials & tools you need, you'll be able to create a beautiful rug with a colorful flower-inlay within just a few hours.

Specifically you will learn:

  1. The secret method of creating a matching area rug or wallhanging, using a design from your wallpaper, stained-glass window, upholstery fabric, company logo... and transform an ordinary carpet into a piece of art, valued at $100 to $500 per square yard... or more.

  2. How to make templates for inlaid carpet designs, and which method and material is best suited for different projects... We'll also tell you what you shouldn't use as template material because you don't get true performance.

  3. How to cut color inlays for the design you want to create, and the pitfalls if you fail to cut correctly. Nine out of ten beginners cut on the wrong side of each line that marks the design. That's why the pieces that create the design do not fit properly.

    If you're planning to create a professional looking inlay, each component has to fit like a glove in the custom carpet. Mastering this secret technique will separate you from all the self- taught "hackers".

  4. How to cut carpet almost as thin as a hair. When we started in 1987, we couldn't cut carpet smaller than 1/2 inch because it lost its stability and fell apart. Through extensive R & D we developed a system which makes it possible to cut even the tiniest pieces of carpet.

    We can actually utilize just one row of fiber, which is no bigger than 1/10 of one inch! This breakthrough allowed us to create carpet artworks that nobody else could duplicate, even oil paintings, portraits...

  5. How to lock-in all inlay-components that make up the design to make sure that the finished carpet will be as strong, or stronger than the original carpet, before it was cut. This was one of our major challenges.

    In the beginning, we did not use the correct adhesive that securely holds all design components in place. We used a commercial adhesive, only to find out that it didn't work. Our vacuum cleaner sucked out most of the pieces we spent hours inlaying a design.

    After months of trying out dozens of special adhesives, we finally found the right adhesive and developed the correct method that guarantees total satisfaction.

    Here's the BEST NEWS: The finished custom-designed carpet will actually be stronger than the original uncut carpet, which makes it possible for you to pass-on these beautiful carpet artworks to future generations.

  6. How to adhere our special backing to hide the inlays and finish the custom carpet. Our backing is off-white. It is soft and pliable, and it looks and feels expensive, almost like linen. This special backing will not scratch marble, tile, wood floors, or walls, or distort carpet.

    Other backings like "jute" are not only unsightly, they will also mildew, and discolor areas they come in contact with. "Action-backing" will scratch all surfaces, and distort carpet fibers if placed on top of another carpet.

  7. How to hand-bind the finished inlaid carpet to eliminate fraying of the edges. It's easy to do once we've taught you the correct way. However, just one of the many problems for the uninitiated is how to handle the corners. They curl up unless you do the following...


So -- if you're ready to beautify your home and/or office by creating one-of-a-kind custom carpets that could be valued at thousands of dollars, order our RugArt™ as a HobbyCraft Program today by clicking here...

IMPORTANT: Please order our new RugArt™ as a HobbyCraft Program, only if you are absolutely sure that you want to learn this valuable art. Once the package is opened, you CAN NOT RETURN IT, due to the fact that we're revealing all our costly secrets in the Video & Manuals.

However, if you're not totally sure yet and you want even more information before placing your order, this is what you do:

Request our FREE Literature and introductory Video Packet, so you can determine if our RugArt™ as a HobbyCraft Program is right for you.

Contents of our introductory Literature Packet:

  • A letter from the President of CSG, explaining details of this amazing art.

  • A 6-color brochure with photos of 13 stunning, one-of-a-kind carpet sculptures.

  • Comments from recent CSG Graduates and what they're saying about the quality of training and the benefits of our unique program, and the FUN they're having creating personalized carpet sculptures.

  • Comments from satisfied customers and what they're saying about handcrafted carpets...

  • Articles printed in Entrepreneur Magazine, New Business Opportunities, Income Opportunities, Display & Design Ideas, Lifestyles, etc...about Carpet Sculpture Gallery® regarding sculptured carpet for wall & floor display that lend character to any setting.

Content of our 18 minute introductory Videotape:

  • Stunning carpet artworks from our Gallery in La Habra, including the San Francisco City Skyline with fiber-optics, two sports cars, company logos, and many other unique designs displayed in homes & businesses.

  • Scenes from one of our hands-on work-shops.

  • An interview with some of the students and their feedback... why they decided to learn this lucrative artform...

  • A handcrafted area rug, custom made by one of our CSG Licensees for the dining area of a happy customer, and the homeowner's response to this work of art.

  • Two stunning custom carpets for the offices of a medical doctor, matching her wallpaper in the waiting room and in her private office...And you'll hear the doctor's appreciative comments about the RugArt™ we created for her.

Although we've invested a lot of time & money for all the information, the introductory Video & Literature Packet is FREE to qualified applicants in the US & Canada. (Please note that Canadian residents will be charged for shipping.)

However, to separate the curiosity seekers from the qualified, sincere applicants, we ask for a refundable "Good Faith" Deposit of $20 for the Video & Literature Packet.

You can charge the $20 US to your Visa or MasterCard.

As soon as we receive your go-ahead, we'll send the Video & Literature Packet via regular US MAIL, which could take up to three weeks...or longer.

In case you don't want to wait that long and rather have this packet delivered by PRIORITY MAIL, you pay for the shipping. The total price for the Video & Literature Packet, including shipping, is $25. ($20 refundable.)

If you want the packet even faster, we can ship it via FedEx 2-day delivery. The total price for the Video & Literature Packet, including FedEx shipping will be $35. ($20 refundable.)

If you return our packet in good condition within thirty (30) days, we will refund your $20 "Good Faith" deposit promptly.

Click here to request the introductory Video & Literature Packet.

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You first handcraft a set of two for yourself in about four (4) hours. Your material costs will be less than $20.

Once your husband, or your wife, or your girlfriend, or your boyfriend, or anybody else feasts their eyes on these beautiful items, they'll beg you to make a personalized set for them.

We usually offer a set for $400. However, for friends & relatives you can sell them at any price you determine. Let's assume, you'll handcraft 10 sets and only charge $220 per set. Even selling them at this low price, you'll be making at least $2,000... which pays for our RugArt™ as a HobbyCraft Program at $497... PLUS YOU'VE EARNED $1,500 TO BOOT!

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