Exclusive New CSG Carpet Sculpture System™ Creates Worldwide Residential, Commercial & Institutional Markets

The demand for beautiful interiors is universal. In the past, handcrafted carpet sculptures were an Old European craft, affordable only by the wealthy. Today, RugArt™ is revolutionizing the shape and texture of carpets around the world. The GOOD NEWS is, even middle class consumers can now own one-of-a-kind custom carpets that match their decor. Our unique, proprietary system creates stunning, three-dimensional carpets as detailed as a painting.

Nearly 600 Successful CSG Operations In North America

Carpet Sculpture Gallery's North American operations are realizing substantial profits in both the residential and corporate marketplace with this exclusive process. These carpet artworks are suitable for wall-to-wall carpets and as decorative floor-coverings on marble, tile, and wood floors in homes, businesses, lobbies, atriums of resorts, hotels, airports, cinemas, shopping malls, etc. They can also be used as Functional Art on walls, with optional fiber optics in iridescent colors.

Worldwide Master License Program

With an overwhelming international demand for these beautiful works of art, CSG's North American operations have been stretched to maximum production. To service this demand, CSG is offering a limited number of International Master Licenses. Successful Licensees and their team will be trained at our international headquarters in California. No artistic talent is necessary to learn our proprietary 16-step process to create these exquisite carpet artworks.

Discover The Benefits Of This Dynamic Growth Business

Master or Regional Licenses For The Following Countries Have Been Sold Or Are Reserved:

Take Advantage Of This Untapped Worldwide Billion Dollar Market. 
Limited Territories Available! Financially Qualified Investors Only.

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