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Custom Carpets More Beautiful than Paintings... The Ultimate in Beauty and Design...

Learn How to Create Custom Inlaid and Hand-Sculpted Area Rugs & Wall Tapestries and Start

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your Own Lucrative Home-Business.

Bird of Paradise flowers inlaid into all 4 corners of livingroom carpet. - Point to the picture to see the carpet without inlay and see the difference.

“Sculptured Carpets, for
Wall or Floor Display,
Lend Character & Sophistication
to any Setting…”

Is the Headline in an editorial about Carpet Sculpture Gallery® -- featured in the Robb Report, an upscale magazine catering to consumers who won't settle for the ordinary.



Robb Report writes...

In this article the Editor writes:

“When is a rug not a rug? When it's a custom sculptured carpet, currently one of the hottest trends in interior design…”

When is a rug not a rug?

If you're tired of plain floor covering and you're looking for innovative ideas to decorate your home and/or business, you'll find this a great place to visit.

Tired of plain old carpet?

Traditionally used as a functional backdrop in interior design, carpeting has mainly taken a back seat in the scheme of colors and patterns. But Carpet Sculpture Gallery® changed all that with the introduction of RugArt™.

Carpet as a backdrop! Click here for picture

RugArt™ offers both home and business owners the chance to let carpeting become the focal point of their interior designs…

Carpet as the focal point! Click here for picture

Robin Montgomery from Income Opportunities Magazine – America's #1 Source of Money Making Ideas” writes:

“A relatively new and highly specialized craft, carpet sculpture provides personalized designs for wall-to-wall carpets, area rugs and wall displays.

"Carpet sculptors can craft simple borders on rugs as well as intricate designs such as still lives, landscapes, portraits, pet images & logos.

“Any image can be developed into a rug sculpture of any size or dimension. The idea is to personalize the home or office with a matching interior design…

"The increasing popularity of carpet sculpting – and lack of competition can mean plush profits for the right entrepreneur…”

Personalize your home and/or office with

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