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If You Want To NET $2,000... PER WEEK Or More Creating One-Of-A-Kind Carpet Sculptures For Home & Business Owners, Hotels...

Stained-glass window design above fireplace inlaid & sculpted into wall-to-wall carpet

... our state-of-the-art video & portfolio will give you all the information you need to find out about this rewarding business.

The introductory video shows stunning carpet artworks, including the San Francisco City Skyline, highlighted with colorful Fiber-Optics, two sports cars, company logos, and other unique designs displayed in homes and businesses.

In addition, the video shows scenes from one of our hands-on workshops... an interview with some of the students and their feedback why they decided to get into this lucrative business...

The portfolio contains everything that's on the new web site, plus a six-color brochure with photos of 13 stunning, one-of-a-kind carpet sculptures.

It also includes articles printed in Entrepreneur Magazine, New Business Opportunities, Income Opportunities, Display & Design Ideas, Lifestyles, etc... about Carpet Sculpture Gallery®.

In addition, the portfolio includes a Reference Sheet of current CSG Licensees you can call to verify the potential of this business.

Although we've invested over $20,000 for the video alone, the video & portfolio is FREE to qualified applicants.

However, to separate the curiosity seekers from the qualified, sincere applicants, we ask for a

refundable "Good Faith" deposit of US $20

for the complete packet.

If you live in the US and return our video & portfolio within thirty (30) days (60 days international), and you're not a CSG candidate, then we will refund your $20 "Good Faith" deposit promptly.

However, if you share our vision that...

  • Home and business owners would love to own stunning, one-of-a-kind carpet sculptures, matching their decor, and

  • You want to join our almost 600 CSG Licensees in the US & Canada and our growing Carpet Sculpture Family around the globe... and

  • If you're approved by our Board of Directors for any of our Programs...

you'll get a $20 CREDIT towards the Program of your choice.

As soon as we receive your order (and you reside in the US), we'll send the video & portfolio via regular US Mail, which could take up to 3 weeks... or longer.

In case you don't want to wait that long and rather have this packet delivered by Priority Mail, you pay for the shipping. The total price for the video & portfolio packet, including shipping, is $25. ($20 refundable.)

If you want the packet even faster, we can ship it via FedEx 2-day delivery. The total price for the video & portfolio packet, including FedEx shipping will be $35. ($20 refundable.) Note: FedEx does not deliver to a Post Office Box.

Please advise how to ship.

Canadian residents pay US $35. (Shipping via Global Mail. US $20 refundable.)

Residents of any other foreign country, please inquire about shipping cost for the video & portfolio, by sending an email to intlpacket@rugart.com.

Below are your choices for ordering the video & portfolio:

  • Via Visa or MasterCard. Click here to use our secure order page. Or fax your credit card info to +1.562.691.7582. Or call +1.562.217.4399 and ask for Robin or Rachel.

  • Via Money Order or Check*, payable to Carpet Sculpture International, Inc. (US residents only.)
    *Check has to clear our bank before packet is shipped.