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Carpet Sculpture Training School Is Right For You?

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Consider all the options and know all the facts... to find out which of the Companies offering Carpet Sculpture Training provides the most Value for your Investment. Your Financial Future depends on it!

The answers below to 46 frequently asked questions show you...

If you want the opportunity to earn a six-figure income, our CSG System™ IS Your ONLY CHOICE. It combines Hands-On Training with Marketing RugArt™ 11 Ways. All other Training Schools fall short of this goal...


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CSG vs. Others

Q#1: I heard about another company that charges less to teach carpet sculpting. Why should I pay more money to get training at CSG?

Q #2: Could you be more specific and explain why CSG offers the most value of any carpet sculpture training school?

Q #3: Why is CSG considered the "Rolls Royce" in the Carpet Sculpture Field?

Q #4: I read that most people attending a hands-on workshop retain only about 10% -- unless it is professionally backed up. Do other carpet sculpting schools back-up any or all segments of their workshop?

Q #5: Does CSG backup any or all segments of their workshop?

Q #6: Does CSG advertise the total price for all the training, tools & supplies -- so I'll know how much the total investment is going to cost -- or do you just advertise the price for the training, as other schools do?

CSG Exclusive Training

Q #7: Does CSG supply exclusive training nobody else provides? If yes, what is it... and how much additional money could I make by implementing this exclusive training?

Q #8: Does CSG teach me how to put fiber-optics into custom area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets?

Q #9: If I attend a CSG workshop, can I give my customers a GUARANTEE on the workmanship of the inlaid and/or sculpted carpets I'll create for them? If yes, for how long?

Q #10: What happens, if I get a job that is too big to handle by myself? Will CSG and/or other CSG Licensees help me getting my job finished on time... or will I have to turn down large, lucrative jobs... simply because I can't meet the customer's deadline?

Seven Exclusive Products/Services Free Of Charge

Q #11: I heard that CSG provides seven (7) exclusive products and/or services FREE OF CHARGE -- and that the total of these FREE products/services is valued at $10,000... or more. What are they... and why don't other schools offer them?

Exclusive CSG Options

(See Q #17 to find out how to get these exclusive options at half price or even free.)

Q #12: Is it true that CSG offers a software estimating system that took over 1,000 hours to develop... and can only be used by CSG Licensees... and will make estimates a snap... while eliminating any kind of mistake?

Q #13: Is it true that CSG uses an Artist's Leather Portfolio with twenty (20) 11"x14" photos of RugArt™... taken by one of America's top photographers? Could I get a portfolio for my sales presentations to impress my prospects, so they can see what I am capable of?

Q #14: Is it true that CSG can set me up with my very own, home-based Carpet Store In A Briefcase®... that could make me a lot of extra money?

Q #15: Would CSG help me design & get up my own web site on the Internet?

Q #16: Is it really true that CSG can supply me with carpets below wholesale prices?

Q #17: Is it true CSG makes it possible that I can get any or all of the 5 Options, featured in Q. & A. #12 to #16 above -- AT HALF PRICE -- OR EVEN FREE?

You're not being considered as a Candidate for CSG Training, if...

Q #18: Why would I not be considered as a candidate for CSG Training, if I just want to open a workshop for decorators and carpet stores and work at wholesale prices?

Q #19: Would you mind summarizing what I would be missing out on... if I decide to get carpet sculpture training by another school?

Q #20: If I would get Carpet Sculpture Training from another school, what are my chances to get referrals from satisfied customers?

Q #21: What are the chances to sell my business, if I want to retire -- or move on to something else -- if I did not get training from CSG?

CSG Workshop Details

Q #22: What can I expect if I sign up for a CSG hands-on workshop?

Q #23: Who are the hands-on teachers at CSG and what are their credentials?

Q #24: Would you mind giving me an overview of the inlay segment of the hands-on training?

Q #25: Does CSG's patent-pending "Key-Palm Cutter" really cut carpet almost as thin as a hair... making it possible to create the finest details... even duplications of pictures & portraits?

Q #26: What is the difference between CSG's proprietary sculpting/carving machine vs. tools used by other Carpet Sculpture Schools, which have been made by manufacturers who supply tools for the whole floor-covering industry?

Q #27: Would you mind giving me an overview of the sculpting segment of the hands-on training?

Q #28: I am left-handed. Does CSG have a teacher who can teach me?

CSG Exclusive Marketing

Q #29: What will I learn at CSG's Strategic Marketing Training... and what are the credentials of the teacher... and how much money could I earn?

Q #30: Can you give me more details about some of the secret Marketing Strategies I would be learning?

How To Turn A $100 Investment Into $10,000 Profit

Q #31: Is there one marketing secret that is superior to any other techniques taught at the CSG workshop? If yes, what is it... and can I be successful with a small advertising budget of $500 or less?

Q #32: Are there any other secrets I would learn at CSG's Strategic Marketing session that nobody else would be teaching me?

Q #33: Is it true that CSG will teach me How to get FREE EDITORIALS from newspapers and magazines, valued at thousands of dollars?


Q #35: How can I bypass the secretary and reach the Decision Makers at medium size and larger companies?

Q #36: Is there one Marketing Strategy -- taught by CSG -- that does not cost anything to implement... yet has a high chance of success?

Q #37: What are "Back-End" sales? I've heard the expression, but I'm not sure. Could you please explain it?

Q #38: What about joint-ventures with CSG and/or CSG Licensees?

Pricing & Profits

Q #39: How do I price these beautiful carpet artworks?

Q #40: Could you give me an idea about the average percentage of PROFIT I could make?

Q #41: Is it true that CSG has a secret Marketing Technique which can get me top quality salespeople AT NO COST? If yes, how is this possible?

Q #42: Is it true that -- as a CSG Licensee -- I could earn $10,000 PROFIT From Each Lifetime Customer?

Q #43: How much could CSG's Marketing Secrets & Strategies be worth to you?

Q #44: What do CSG Licensees say about the CSG Marketing Course©?


Q #45: Would you mind summarizing all the Features & Options CSG provides... if I choose to become a CSG Licensee and CSG accepts me for a hands-on workshop?

Q #46: Would you tell me about your most incredible option -- CSG's Full-size Carpet Store In A Briefcase® -- where I can offer my customers up to 50,000 colors (not 20-40 colors most carpet outlets supply) -- and get any color under the sun -- as small as 1.33 sq. yds?

Final Evaluation