CSG Workshop Details

CSG Workshop Details

Q #22: What can I expect if I sign up for a CSG hands-on workshop?

A: If you are invited to a 40-hour hands-on workshop at CSG's Training Center in California, this is what you'll get:

New CSG Licensees at our 40-hour workshops will learn CSG's proprietary 16-step process, how to create one-of-a-kind custom carpets, matching the decor of each customer. As mentioned above...

Our exclusive system makes it possible that the workmanship of all RugArt™ Products can be GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME, so these carpet artworks can be passed on as heirlooms to future generations.

Q #23: Who are the hands-on teachers at CSG and what are their credentials?

A: You'll be taught by Gina, Pablo & David, three of the highest qualified teachers in the industry, with a combined 42 years of hands-on experience, using CSG's proprietary tools.

Q #24: Would you mind giving me an overview of the inlay segment of the hands-on training?

A: Gina teaches our exclusive method how to inlay colorful carpet pieces, making it possible to create any design a customer wants, no matter how detailed. She'll walk you through all the steps, i.e.

  • CSG's secret method of creating a matching area rug or wall tapestry, using a design from your customer's wallpaper, stained-glass window, upholstery fabric, company logo, etc.

  • CSG's proprietary tools and know how that sets us apart from any competition.

    That's why Carpet Sculpture Gallery® is considered the "Rolls Royce" in our industry.

  • How to take any design and scale it to the finished size, no matter how small or large.

    This technique enables you to handcraft carpets for owners of better apartments/condos, homes, mansions, office- and industrial buildings, hotels... in the form of area rugs, wall tapestries and wall-to-wall-carpets.

  • How to make templates for inlaid carpet designs, and which method and materials are best suited for different projects.

    Gina will also inform you what you shouldn't use as template material because you don't get true performance.

  • How to select the correct template if the design is sculpted/carved into the carpet... to make sure that the design doesn't disappear while working with the equipment.

    When we first started we used chalk to outline the design. However, often the draft from the sculpting machine blew away or distorted the design. It took us a long time to correct this problem and develop a system guaranteeing the design wouldn't disappear, even if we had a hurricane!

  • How to cut color inlays for the design you want to create, and the pitfalls if you fail to cut correctly.

    Nine out of ten beginners cut on the wrong side of each line that marks the design. That's why the pieces that create the design do not fit properly. If you want to create a professional looking inlay, each component has to fit like a glove in the custom carpet. Mastering this secret technique will separate you from the self-taught "hackers".

  • How to cut carpet almost as thin as a hair .

    When we started in 1987, we couldn't cut carpet smaller than 1/2 inch because it lost its stability and fell apart. Through extensive R & D we developed a special tool and process which makes it possible to cut even the tiniest pieces of carpet.

    We can actually utilize just one row of fiber, which is no bigger than 1/10 of one inch! This breakthrough allows us to create carpet artworks that -- to our knowledge --nobody else can duplicate.

  • How to lock-in all the components that make up the design to make sure that the finished carpet will be as strong, or stronger than the original carpet, before it was cut.

    This was one of our major challenges. In the beginning, we did not utilize the proper adhesive that securely holds all design components in place. After months of trying out dozens of special adhesives, we finally developed the correct method.

    It guarantees the finished custom designed carpet will actually be stronger than the original uncut carpet. That's why we GUARANTEE OUR WORKMANSHIP FOR A LIFETIME! Our customers love it, and you can use the same guarantee to build up your clientele.

  • How to adhere our special backing to hide the inlays and finish the custom carpet.

    Our "Monk's Cloth" backing is off-white. It is soft and pliable, and it looks and feels expensive, almost like linen. This special backing will neither scratch marble, tile, wood floors, or walls, nor will it distort the carpet, if used as an area rug on top of wall-to-wall carpet.

    Other backings, used by some workshops for custom area rugs, have the following disadvantages:

    "Jute" is not only unsightly, it will also mildew, and discolor areas it comes in contact with.

    "Action-backing" -- the secondary backing of most carpets made today -- will scratch all surfaces, and distort carpet fibers, if placed on top of another carpet.

  • How to hand-bind the finished carpet artwork to eliminate fraying of the edges.

    It's easy to do once we've taught you the correct way. However, just one of the many problems for the uninitiated is how to handle the corners. They curl up unless you know how..

Q #25: Does CSG's patent-pending "Key-Palm Cutter" really cut carpet almost as thin as a hair... making it possible to create the finest details... even duplications of pictures & portraits?

A: Our patent-pending "KEY PALM CUTTER" cuts any type of carpet effortlessly and eliminates 90-95% of tedious hand cutting.

This amazing electric tool -- which is only available to CSG Licensees -- will save you countless hours of inlay time for every piece of RugArt™ you produce.

That's a small sampling of what Gina will teach you during the workshop, with Pablo as her capable assistant.

Q #26: What is the difference between CSG's proprietary sculpting/carving machine vs. tools used by other Carpet Sculpture Schools, which have been made by manufacturers who supply tools for the whole floor-covering industry?

A: David teaches the intricacies of sculpting or carving designs into any type of quality carpet, with our very own CSG sculpting machine, the lightest and most maneuverable sculpting tool in the industry.

Other sculpting/carving tools, made by tool manufacturers servicing the floor-covering industry, are generally much heavier and harder to handle.

In addition, David teaches you how to service all the electric tools, so they'll last for a long time. Since this feature is extremely important, we also included this segment in one of our videos and in the Operation's Manual.

You'll also learn how to incorporate fiber optics in iridescent colors into carpet, to highlight the design(s) and make the carpet artwork even more attractive and valuable.

Q #27: Would you mind giving me an overview of the sculpting segment of the hands-on training?

A: Take a look below at some of the features David will be teaching you. And since he has the gift of being ambidextrous, he can teach trainees who are either right- or left handed.

  • Which of our four secret methods you should use to hand-sculpt a custom-designed carpet.

    We create lifelike images, different angles, depths, with our special techniques. Self-taught operators, or people taught by nonprofessionals, basically know one way of sculpting. We call it the "cookie-cutter" approach.

    Our carpet sculptures can be compared to original oil paintings. Theirs are like paintings by the numbers.

  • How to avoid cutting into the wrong color of the design.

    Unskilled carpet sculptors have real problems with this one. You'll find out about the telltale signs.

  • How to avoid sculpting too deep.

    Unless you know all the safeguards, you probably will sculpt too deep. If you commit this sin, you've wasted lots of time and money!

  • How to learn our "Bas-Relief" System and become the "Michelangelo" of Carpet Sculpture.

    As you know, a few centuries ago, the famous Michelangelo sculpted 'David' and other masterpieces from slabs of marble. Our Bas-relief Method combined with our proprietary carving blades creates similar stunning effects.

    Even if you are not artistically inclined, David will make sure, you'll master this amazing and most beautiful sculpting technique.

    Creating this artform will be your most gratifying experience as a carpet sculptor. We start with a high-quality plush or textured carpet and sculpt out the design by lowering the pile-height of the carpet with our special tools.

    The finished artwork looks exquisite and commands the most money!

But that's not all.

David will show you our exclusive process...

  • How to insert and sculpt a custom design into an existing wall-to-wall carpet that transforms an ordinary carpet into a piece of art, valued at $100 to $500 per sq. yd...

    Just think of all the homeowners in your area you could offer this much wanted service. PLUS all the hotels and businesses who want custom designs or Logos in their lobbies, Executive Suites, Restaurants, Boardrooms, Corporate Offices, etc.

    This additional Profit Center could add another $20,000 to $50,000... or more to your bottom line...

    Best of all, this is VIRGIN TERRITORY... there is NO COMPETITION! Only CSG Licensees will be able to successfully provide this much wanted service.

Of course there's much more valuable information and detailed instructions about the art of creating custom carpet sculptures supplied at our CSG hands-on workshops.

Our mission is to make you the best carpet artisan in your area by teaching you all our secret techniques with our proprietary tools.

As you already know, being the best carpet sculptor amounts only to 15% of your success... The other 85% you'll get from CSG's Strategic Marketing.

Q #28: I am left-handed. Does CSG have a teacher who can teach me?

A: Yes, we do. David has the gift of being ambidextrous, which helps a great deal teaching people like you.


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