Is this Business Right for You?

Is the Carpet Design & Sculpture Business -- Developed by Carpet Sculpture Gallery® --
Right For You?

These answers to frequently asked questions may help you decide:

Design is from stained-glass window, also matching wall-to-wall livingroom & dining room carpet.

Q: Isn't this too complicated for someone without an artistic background?

A: Looking at the finished product you'd think you've got to be an artist to create something this beautiful and delicate.

But that's one of the best parts about this exciting new business. It doesn't require artistic ability to master the creative process, the actual design, the inlay work and the sculpting. If you can thread a needle, you can do it!

Q: What is an Old World Carpet Sculpture Craftsman...and can I be successful as one?

A: As a graduate of our Carpet Sculpture Gallery® you will be a member of national and international networks of highly paid specialists who have been trained in the Old World craft of designing and sculpting carpet.

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, the determination and discipline to follow a proven business plan, and you want to be paid what you're really worth -- based on your performance -- you almost certainly will be a success.

Q: Is this a franchise?

A: No, the start-up fee you pay to the Carpet Sculpture Gallery® is a one-time cost. There are no franchise fees or royalties to pay, if you do business in the US.

However, CSG does sell Master Licenses and Regional Licenses to companies in foreign countries who are required to pay substantial Training & License fees plus royalties.

Q: I've looked at another company who charges less to teach carpet sculpting. Why should I pay more money and get training at Carpet Sculpture Gallery?

A: Remember the old saying: "You get what you pay for." This is also true in our case.

If you want to learn basic carpet inlay & sculpting, using standard tools made by companies who manufacture tools for the floor-covering industry, and you only want to service interior decorators & carpet stores on a wholesale basis -- you are not a CSG candidate to become a CSG Licensee!

However, please be aware, if you're NOT trained at CSG...

  • You have to remember everything you learned at the workshop because you will not get high quality hands-on videos you can use to practice your new art at home.

    (CSG invested a six-figure amount to have a workshop professionally videotaped and manuals developed for each video.
    Each CSG Licensee receives a copy of these priceless videotapes, together with the manuals, to hone their new skills after their graduation.)

  • You'll never be your own boss.

  • You'll be working for decorators & carpet stores, not for yourself.

  • You'll be at their mercy to get jobs.

  • You'll be told what to do, when and HOW to do it…and if the customer doesn't like the results, you'll be redoing it…most likely without getting paid for the extra work. (Our CSG Licensees learn our secrets how to avoid this common problem).

  • You'll never make your own decisions.

  • You'll probably never meet a happy customer and experience their gratitude for a job well done.

  • You'll never get referrals from satisfied customers because they are not yours, they are your employer's customers.

  • You'll be working at wholesale prices.

You can make a decent living, but -- most likely -- you will not earn a six-figure income.

You can contact one of the tool manufacturers who will teach you how to use their carpet sculpture equipment. (We can supply you with names & addresses.)

Or - you can get training as a rug-manufacturer from an individual (not trained by CSG). You'll be taught in a warehouse or "studio" by a person who has his/her own carpet sculpture business and supplements his/her income by teaching others.

You even get FREE marketing, which basically consists of… "Go to decorators & designers, they love you." End of FREE marketing.

  • If you don't like dealing directly with the end-user,

  • If you don't want to be the best in your field, and

  • If you don't want to control your own financial future!...

... there are a number of craftspeople out there to learn from.

Before you make a decision to select the right Carpet Sculpture Training, you need to know all the facts. Your financial future depends on it.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) supplies one of the most important facts you should know:

If you're the best craftsperson in your chosen field, that amounts to just fifteen percent (15%) of your success. The other eighty-five percent (85%) can only be achieved by state-of-the-art marketing.

Carpet Sculpture Gallery® (CSG) in La Habra, CA provides the only Carpet Inlay & Sculpture Workshop that combines

  • Hands-on Training, using the best tools in the industry, manufactured by CSG, including our patent-pending "Key Palm Cutter" that cuts carpet almost as thin as a hair, enabling the operator to create carpet artworks as detailed as a painting.

  • State-of -the-art marketing & merchandising, taught by the President of CSG, Volker Bauerle, who learned marketing from Jay Abraham & Gary Halbert, the best and most expensive marketing minds in the US.

  • Backup of all materials via broadcast quality videotapes & manuals, including the 199-page CSG Marketing Course©, ensuring that each new CSG Licensee leaves with 100%…not with about 8%, which is the average most people retain when they attend a seminar.

These figures above are quoted by Jay Abraham, the most expensive marketing expert in the US. Jay charges up to $5,000 per hour for a personal consultation, and up to $50,000 and more for his seminars, where he teaches his new marketing strategies to Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Many of Jay Abraham's secrets have been incorporated into the CSG Marketing Course© and are only available to CSG Licensees.

For more details about the CSG Advantage, click on the CSG System™ Versus Others section.

Q: I've investigated other companies that charge $100,000 or more for a home-based business. Why do you charge so much less for your Carpet Sculpture Gallery System™?

A: Although we invested half a million dollars to make our CSG System™ the "Rolls Royce" of the industry, we wanted to make our program affordable to entrepreneurs who don't have access to a lot of money.

We strongly believe that our CSG System™ is the best Business Opportunity of the decade. What's even more important is that our CSG Licensees tell us so. Together with our CSG Marketing Course©... it's an unbeatable combination because it gives you the opportunity and potential to earn a six-figure income.

Here's what Steve Henderson from Canada wrote to us recently:

"Just a quick note that your Marketing Program is BRILLIANT! If associates simply want to learn the art in order to make rugs for family and friends, they won't need the marketing course. However, if they are serious about starting a business, THEY WILL NEED IT!

Your 'back-end selling' idea alone is worth the price of the program. I firmly expect to achieve my first year goal of $100,000 in sales, and if I can follow my personal plan, doubling this in the second year will be possible...".

Since the principals and most of our staff at CSG are Christians, we are dedicated to helping you become a success. Our reward is to see your business grow and prosper.

And, if you're a go-getter, we may offer you joint ventures in the future which will be profitable to you and to CSG. Once you've made your mark, you can then give something back to the network.

Q: Which of your Programs would be best for me?

A: For a detailed description of all 4 Programs -- from $11,900 - $39,900 -- click here.

If you currently have a job, but you want to earn extra money to supplement your income, you may consider our Plan A, the CSG Home Study Course© that lets you get started for only US $11,900. Once you find out how much money you can earn and how much fun it is, creating one-of-a-kind carpet sculptures for home-and business owners, you may want to work full-time. Click 'Plan A' above for all the details.

On the other hand, if you want to "hit the road running" and learn this unique business in one of our hands-on workshops in California, you should sign up for Plan B, C or D.

The $24,900 Training & License Fee for Plan B includes comprehensive 40-hour hands-on training from the best teachers in this field, all proprietary tools, a beautiful RugArt™ sample made by one of our artisans, state-of-the-art marketing and renewable support & consultation. Click 'Plan B' above for all the details.

For an additional $8,000 you can sign up for Plan C. This fee includes all of Plan B plus 5 valuable Options. Click 'Plan C' above for all the exciting details.

If you want to add another Profit Center, check out Plan D for $39,900. During this 48-hour hands-on workshop, that contains all of Plan C, you will also learn how to operate a successful wall-to-wall carpet business from your home.

For your information, most carpet stores only carry 20 to 40 colors per style. You will be able to offer up to 50,000 custom colors per style. Click 'Plan D' above for all the exciting details.

As a CSG Licensee for Plan C or D, you will receive a Free Lifetime Membership in our prestigious International Society of Carpet Design & Sculpture (ISCDS), entitling you to special carpet purchases at Half Price, plus many other benefits including newsletters that keep you abreast of the industry.

Q: Once I graduate, will I be on my own, or do you offer any ongoing support?

A: Each of the four programs comes with extensive support from CSG headquarters via email, web site, fax or phone.

The initial support for Plan A is 90 days, for Plan B, C or D, the initial support is 180 days.

You may continue your affiliation with Carpet Sculpture Gallery® for an optional fee of $100 per month (or $900 per year if you pay upfront 0r $1,500 for 2 years if you pay upfront). This affiliation guarantees you all of the benefits listed below:

  • Special High-Quality Carpet Remnant Packages.
    SAVINGS of $505 - $805 below wholesale cost per 50 square yard shipment.

  • Joint Ventures.
    Value to CSG Licensee up to $1,000 per year... or more.

  • Use of CSG's HELP-LINE.
    Value to CSG Licensee $600 per year... or more.

  • Use of CSG's Beautiful Custom Carpets For Shows.
    Value to CSG Licensee $300 per year... or more.

  • 5% Discount on All Supply & Carpet Orders.
    Value to CSG Licensee $500 per year... or more.

  • FREE Lead Service.
    Value to CSG Licensee up to $800 per year... or more.

  • CSG Experts will design & place your own 2-page Web site on the Internet... linked with our national CSG Web site at

    Total Value to CSG Licensee $2,000 per year... or more.

    This on-line Lead Generation Program teaches you how to use 21st Century Technology in your own business... (IMPORTANT:This FREE Benefit is available to CSG Licensees who sign up for a minimum of two years!).

If you were going to take advantage of CSG's total program, your benefits would amount up to $4,005... or more per year! That's a pretty good return for an annual investment of only $900 - $1,200, isn't it? I'd like to get returns like this in the stock market.

Q: Do I have to give up my present job?

A: Not at all! You can operate out of your home in your spare time making a handsome "moonlighting" income. Or you can keep your present job until this new business is generating enough money so you won't miss your old paycheck.

Q: I have no sales experience -- where will I find customers?

A: You will learn the most profitable techniques at our marketing session during the workshop. In addition, all the strategies are backed up by our CSG Marketing Course© that reveals thirteen (13) ways to sell RugArt™ to home and business owners.

Homeowners are clamoring for custom area rugs. Decorators, carpet stores, hardwood, ceramic tile and marble distributors, architects, custom builders, home remodelers, restaurant owners, fine galleries ... are begging for carpet sculptors to work with. Yet there are so few qualified sculptors.

Another giant market are the business offices in your area. Company presidents love having their logos incorporated into the carpets and rugs in their offices. And hotels have a great need for custom sculptured area rugs in their lobbies, expensive suites, as well as one-of-a-kind tapestries for their walls. To make it even more attractive, fiber optics in iridescent colors can be added to highlight details.

In addition -- our newest Profit Center -- "How to inlay & sculpt custom designs into an existing wall-to-wall carpet" could add another $20,000 to $ 50,000... or more to your bottom line. This is an exclusive for CSG Licensees, taught at our 40 & 48-hour hands-on workshops.

Q: How will this business fare in difficult economic times?

A: It's recession-proof. Many families today can't afford a new home, so they redecorate. The $110 billion Home Improvement Industry is booming. But today's customers demand more than ordinary floor covering. Custom designed, one-of-a-kind carpets are the answer.

How many homes and businesses are in your area? Hundreds, thousands ... ? They could be your own little Profit Center.

Q: What about cash flow?

A: We teach you, how to get an advance up-front for your work, at least 50% or more, so there is no money out of your pocket. Materials average 10% of the total price. This produces immediate cash profit for you.

When the project is finished, you collect the balance, eliminating any collection problems. And once you have established your customer base, you can look forward to a continuous flow of income from repeat orders and word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers.

Q: Why can't I learn this business on my own?

A: Given enough time, you probably could. But consider this: 18 years of hard work and $500,000+ have gone into perfecting the CSG Carpet Design and Sculpture System. Would you really want to go through all the trial and error required to come up with your own techniques? Also, the proprietary tools and equipment we've developed are only available to CSG Licensees.

Another benefit -- available to CSG Licensees only -- is our CSG Marketing Course©. According to the Small Business Administration, proper marketing equals 85 % of your success!

Our CSG Marketing Course© incorporates secrets of the "who's who" in marketing. You'll learn secrets from gurus like Jay Abraham, who charges up to $50,000 for one of his seminars; Gary Halbert, who personally sold billions of dollars of merchandise; and many other giants in the marketing industry.

This marketing course could be worth up to $100,000 or more to you if you use it properly.

Q: What about competition?

A: There are only a handful of qualified carpet sculptors to satisfy incredible demand.

And guess what? According to a survey conducted by the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), 95% of home and business owners are not aware that personalized carpet sculptures are available.

Can you imagine how many sculptors will be needed once our beautiful craft will become known to the general public? Tens of thousands! Look in the Yellow Pages and see how many carpet sculptors you find!

If you get in now, you will be on the ground floor of a fast growing business that is as lucrative as it is FUN!

Q: What comes next?

A: If you are a serious candidate and want to get all the information to see if this business is right for you, click here NOW to order the Free Video & Portfolio, which includes a Reference Sheet of CSG Licensees you can call, to find out the potential of this unique business.