"Dave Chiordi
From Albuquerque, NM
Earned $4,500 In 21 Hours Creating Stunning Carpet Sculptures"

Wallpaper pattern inlaid & sculpted into wall-to-wall carpet

The demand for beautiful interiors is universal. In the past, handcrafted carpet sculptures were an Old European craft, affordable only by the wealthy.

Today, CSG's exclusive RugArt™ process makes it possible that -- for the very first time -- even middle-class consumers can afford one-of-a-kind custom carpets that match their decor.

RugArt™ is not just for the rich anymore

The carpet industry has not come up with anything new and exciting in 13 years.

That's why 78% of U.S. homeowners have not replaced their wall-to-wall carpet. They want a new look, not the same old boring floor-covering.

Personalized carpet sculptures
are the answer.

How many homes and businesses are in your area... hundreds... thousands?

This could become your own little profit center and you could be providing these dazzling works of artistry in just a few weeks from now.

The Demand For Custom-Sculpted Carpets Presents You With A Ground-Floor Opportunity For The Booming Residential & Commercial Market

CSG's proprietary system and patent-pending tools make it possible to inlay and sculpt one-of-a-kind carpets -- providing even the smallest detail.

Homeowners are clamoring for them. Businesses want logos in their lobbies and boardrooms. Architects, custom-builders, remodelers, decorators, interior designers, galleries, cinemas, shopping centers, airports... are requesting decorative, three dimensional floor coverings or Functional Art wall-coverings with fiber optics in iridescent colors...

but there are few qualified artisans to
supply the rapidly increasing demand.

You Can Work From Your Home Creating Stunning Custom Carpets More Beautiful Than Paintings

Volker Bauerle, co-founder of Carpet Sculpture Gallery® is no artist.

"I can't draw, but even without this God-given gift, our CSG System™ helps me and our CSG Licensees to match any client's design and create the most exquisite, colorful carpet artwork -- while earning huge profits ranging from 100% to 400%..."

You Don't Need Artistic Talents... Anybody Can Do It And Earn Up To $100,000 Or More!

You can learn CSG's secret 16 step Process within a few days. and then operate this highly profitable FUN business from your home.

Our professional staff will supply all the know-how, Patent-Pending tools, supplies, support... Most of all... you will get our valuable CSG Marketing Course© (see below) that teaches you 11 ways how to get more business than you can handle.

You'll receive all the instructions, backed-up by videos, manuals, proprietary tools & software, a professional portfolio with photographic samples of beautiful custom carpets to show clients, and CSG's Business Development System™ -- designed to generate income from day one.

Complete Training, Tools, Marketing & Support from A to Z...
To Maximize Your Business Sucess

If you are accepted to one of our workshops you'll find out about this new service that allows you to make top money like Dave Chiordi and other CSG sulptors.

You can earn even more, offering an additional New Service developed by CSG...

You'll be taught...

How to successfully inlay and sculpt a design into an existing wall-to-wall carpet

that transforms an ordinary $20/sq.yd. carpet into a $100 - $500/sq.yd. carpet artwork.

This second Profit Center could add up to $50,000... or more to your annual income.

You can offer this new, revolutionary system to homeowners who want to have a colorful design from their wallpaper... or from their upholstery fabric... or from their stained-glass window... inserted into their carpet.

Or you can put logos into a company's boardroom... or lobby, etc. The possibilities and money making opportunities are endless.

Best of all -- this is Virgin Territory --


Due to the lucrative Profit Margins, one-of-a-kind conceptual uniqueness and multi-billion dollar global market, Industry Experts valued this dynamic Business Opportunity at $50,000.

For a limited time -- start-up costs for your own CSG business range form $9,900 to $29,900 U.S.

This is not a franchise, so there are no royalties, all the money you earn is your own.

You Can Earn Even More Money Offering An Additional New Service Developed By CSG.



This second Profit Center could add up to $50,000... or more to your annual income.



Best of all:
This is Virgin Territory!

As you may already know, to be the best carpet artisan, or a master in any profession, doesn't guarantee you automatic success. It only amounts to about 15%! The other 85% comes from proper marketing!

We didn't invent these figures, they come directly from the Small Business Administration.

Part of CSG's Business Development System™ is the copyrighted CSG Marketing Course©.

This course has been developed by Volker Bauerle over the past 3 decades and incorporates the dynamic marketing strategies of many world-class experts, including Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert and Michael Enlow. It gives you detailed, specific instructions on the following:

Our Copyrighted CSG Marketing Course© teaches you eleven ways to market RugArt™

  • How to set up a Business Plan that works.

  • Who are your prospects to buy these carpet artworks, and why will they buy from you?

  • How, where and when to advertise your product and even more importantly -- where not to advertise.

  • How to use your telephone for prospecting.

  • How to qualify your leads.

  • How to get FREE Editorials from newspapers and magazines, valued at Thousands of Dollars!

  • How to get on Radio and Television FREE!

  • How to reach the Decision Makers!

  • How to price these beautiful carpet artworks.

  • How to make your satisfied customers the best sales persons without having to pay them.

  • What are "Back-End" sales?

  • What about joint-ventures with CSG Licensees?

  • How to make $10,000 Profit from each Lifetime Customer.

CSG teaches you...

How to implement Successful Marketing Strategies that let you Cash-In
on the
110 Billion Dollar a year
Home-Improvement Industry

You won't be alone once your training is completed.

Included into the price of the training program is a superb support program which you can access at any time during regular business hours and around the clock.

Ongoing Support Through CSG

CSG Licensees can now...

  • Automatically access technical support literature.*

  • Correspond with CSG personnel.

  • Participate in a question and answer forum.*

  • Order Supplies PLUS Carpets in over 50,000 custom colors.

  • Offer their own special services or talents
    (i. e. some of our CSG Licensees developed special tools which have become part of the CSG tool package).

Around The Clock Support

CSG is ready to provide a new service which will utilize the World Wide Web to generate additional low-cost leads for our CSG Licensees.

The CSG Licensees will have their very own Home Pages or even Web Sites on the Internet.

These home pages will not only be linked with CSG's web site, but can also be linked on a local level with the web sites of other companies in the home improvement industry.

*coming soon

Generate Leads With Your Own Home Page On The Web Hosted By CSG