4 Programs To Choose...

4 Programs to Choose From

We've designed 4 Programs (Plan A - D) to choose from to fit anybody's needs:

Plan A:

Our CSG Home Study Course©
For A Low Investment Of $ 11,900

You can learn our secret CSG System™ via Videotapes & Instruction Manuals in the privacy of your home. CSG made a 6-figure investment to professionally videotape an actual workshop and produce detailed manuals explaining everything from A-Z.

All proprietary equipment & tools including our CSG Marketing Course©... plus support from our Head Office is included in this low price.

Plan B:

Our 4-day, 40-hour Hands-On Workshop
In La Habra, CA.
For An Investment of $24,900

You'll get everything listed in "A" above... PLUS you will be invited to learn this lucrative business hands-on at our International Headquarters in Southern California, where you'll be taught by the best teachers in our industry. In addition, you'll learn "How To Add Stunning Fiber Optics In Iridescent Colors To RugArt™ Products" to make them even more valuable.

During this workshop, we also teach you a second business that could add another $20,000 to $50,000... or more to your Annual Income! It took CSG 4 years to perfect this Exclusive Process

"How To Successfully Inlay & Sculpt A Design Into An Existing Wall-To-Wall Carpet"

that can transform an ordinary $20/sq. yd. carpet into a $100 - $500/sq. yd. carpet artwork.

Now you can offer this new, revolutionary system to homeowners who want to have a colorful design from their wallpaper... or from their upholstery fabric... or from their stained-glass window... inserted into their carpet. Or you can put Logos into a company's boardroom... or lobby etc. The possibilities and money-making opportunities are endless.

Best of all... this is Virgin Territory...


But there's more. You'll also get CSG's State-Of-The Art Consumer Business Development Videotape, the only one of its kind. Take this powerful new tool to Home Shows as well as on your sales calls. It will impress your customers with the many ways carpet sculptures can add beauty to their homes and offices.

You'll also receive advanced marketing, including our valuable 199-page CSG Marketing Course©, prototypes of proven sales and promotional letters, including CSG's "10 Keys To Success." You will learn how to use High-Impact Marketing at very little expense, yet you'll get much better results than hiring expensive "Marketing Experts!"

Over the last 40+ years I've invested about a quarter million dollars learning from the best marketing minds on this planet, i.e. Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Michael Enlow and other world-class Marketing Gurus, who charge up to $5,000 per hour, or up to $50,000 for their seminars. I'll reveal many of their secret strategies at the workshop, PLUS... I'll teach you a technique I developed that could supply you with more leads than you can handle...

You'll take home workshop videos, Instruction Manuals, and all proprietary equipment, tools & supplies... and a gorgeous inlaid & sculptured carpet sample, handcrafted by one of our skilled artisans, you can use to show your customers what you're capable of. Support from our Head Office to help you with anything you need is also included at the above price.

Plan C:

Our 4-day, 40-hour Hands-On Workshop With Five Options. For An Investment of $32,900

You'll get everything listed in "B" above... PLUS you'll receive 5 Optional Products.

Note: If you prefer, you can customize this Plan and only select the Options you want.

  1. Exclusive CSG RugCalc™ Software (took over 1,000 hours to develop at $75/hour).
    Your Cost $2,000

    This user-friendly software system makes it a snap to estimate any job right in the client's home or office. It is bulletproof, so you'll never make a mistake on your estimates, it saves valuable time... and your clients will be impressed with this HI- TECH professional tool.

    Your computer will show how much material you need, all the hard costs, the time it takes to finish the job, the markup and your PROFIT, averaging from 100% to 400%!!

    Then you print out your proposal in front of your client who's never seen anything like it. Of course not -- because CSG developed it! And only CSG Licensees will be able to get this system.

  2. Exclusive Artist's Leather Portfolio with 20 - 11"x14" Professional Product Photos
    Your Cost $1,500

    These stunning photos were taken by Dave Tate, one of America's top photographers, who charged $800. per day plus expenses, for just one setting. Since this Portfolio features 20 oversize Photos, I let you figure out what we had to pay for the total collection.

    When you put this classy Portfolio in front of prospective customers, they will be thrilled with the high quality of these product photos and the endless possibilities available to decorate their homes and/or offices... with these unique carpet artworks.

    The photos depict home settings with beautiful one-of-a-kind carpet sculptures inlaid into wall-to-wall carpets... or as area rugs on top of carpet... or under a cocktail table... or as decorative accessories on hard surface floors... or as stunning art pieces on walls with colorful fiber optics...

    In addition, a photo of the UAL Logo is featured from the lobby of their headquarter to help business owners or CEO's visualize how an attractive, hand- crafted carpet artwork will add favorably to their company's decor.

  3. Your Own 2-page Website On The INTERNET Linked To CSG's Major Website
    Your Cost $1,500

    CSG invested a small fortune to put up a major website with information and photos about this beautiful artform that is revolutionizing the shape & texture of carpets around the world.

    CSG will design, set-up and host your own website, which is like having a full- page color ad in the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory, that could cost you thousands of dollars per month! If you like, we'll even add your picture to your website so potential clients can see what you look like. Details are provided at the workshop.

  4. Your own CSG Carpet Store In A Briefcase® With 16 Private Labeled Styles.
    Your Cost $2,000 (not available in Canada)

    We'll set you up in the carpet business with CSG's private labeled quality carpet and padding from apartment grade... to office grade... to home grade... to mansion grade.

  5. 450 sq.ft. of Hi-Quality Carpet Remnants in 8 decorator colors at HALF PRICE
    Your Cost $1,500 (not available in Canada)

Plan D:

Our 5-day Hands-On Workshop With Expanded Options For An Investment Of $39,900

You'll get everything listed in "C" above... PLUS we'll set you up in your very own Custom Carpet Business... via our exclusive

Full-Size CSG Carpet Store In A Briefcase® With 40 Private Labeled Styles.

IMPORTANT: Instead of getting 20 - 40 colors per style as most regular carpet stores provide, you will be able to choose from up to FIFTY THOUSAND custom colors!

Yes, you read this correctly. Your clients will have up to 50,000 colors to choose from... and most of all, you will be able to provide custom carpet in any color under the sun...

As Small As 1-1/3 Square Yards!

No carpet store anywhere will be able to match this, even carpet franchises that require an investment of $100,000... or more do not have this feature available!

Well, that's a brief description of all four Programs.

If you want to become successful in your own home-based Carpet SculptureBusiness, you need our proprietary CSG System™ we've developed and improved over the last 15 years, at a cost of over $500,000! PLUS you must have all the proper tools & supplies to be able to create these masterpieces.

We manufacture our own carpet sculpting equipment, including our Patent-Pending "Key Palm Cutter" and our "Bas-Relief" tool. A total of 41 items (revealed to you after you've been accepted) are included to get you started quickly.

You don't need anything else, except one 4' x 8' table to work on. On the West Coast, most CSG Licensees work out of their garage. On the East Coast, they work out of a spare room (minimum 120 sq.ft.) or basement.

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