The Birth of RugArt™

The Birth Of RugArt™

I was determined to find or develop such a product together with my wife, so we could offer it to our clientele and supplement our income, which had suffered due to the soft carpet replacement market. I'm happy to report, we finally did come up with a real winner. And this is how it all started:

You see, my wife Gina and I were born and raised in Germany. As children we were taken to many castles... and one thing we both remembered was the stunning handcrafted carpets on the floors and walls, matching a landscape, or a stained-glass window design.

The most amazing part was that some of these one-of-a-kind artworks were about 500 years old and still beautiful.

I asked Gina...

"If we could recapture this ancient art and use today's technology to make it even better, so we'd be able to inlay intricate, colorful designs matching people's wallpaper, or upholstery fabric, or stained-glass windows, or Company Logos etc. And then we'd sculpt out the details in the artwork to make it even more attractive. But most of all

Make It Affordable For The Middle-Class,
Not Just For The Rich...

do you think our customers would want to own something like this?"

The more we talked about it, the more excited we got. But there were many problems to overcome. Our own industry told us that our goals were a little too lofty, there were 2 major obstacles:

  1. Details would be limited to about 1/2 inch... because when you're trying to cut carpet smaller than this, it loses all stability and falls apart. Therefore you can not use it for an inlay design. (But that wasn't good enough, we wanted to provide intricate details... like a painter on canvas.)

  2. And even if we could overcome the first obstacle and find a way to cut the details smaller, there was no process available to lock all these little pieces together to make them as strong as the original carpet.

Well, to make the long story short, we're doing today what "experts" said could not be done.

After countless hours of trial and error... after investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in R&D, we developed a proprietary process that makes it possible to

Create Custom Carpets As Detailed, But
More Beautiful Than Paintings...

because our sculpting process makes the finished artworks 3-dimensional.

One of the tools we developed to achieve these masterpieces is our Patent-Pending "Key Palm Cutter" that cuts carpet almost as thin as a hair, which allows us to create the most intricate designs.

In addition, we developed a system to reinforce the colorful inlaid designs, so when we get finished with the artwork, it is actually stronger than the original carpet before it was cut... and therefore we are able to offer a

Lifetime Guarantee For Our Workmanship!

Do you know anybody else who offers a lifetime guarantee for anything? The only one I know is the Internal Revenue Service. They guarantee you'll pay taxes for a lifetime!

Our clientele was thrilled when we showed off our RugArt™ creations. And when they found out we could actually match a design from their interior... or even a painting... or a portrait... and create a carpet artwork -- just for them -- they really got excited... because they thought only the rich could afford a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

For three years we created custom carpet artworks for our clientele. The money was great, but we received another benefit we didn't count on, and I'll never forget this experience as long as I live...

When Gina and I delivered our first finished artpiece, we couldn't believe the reaction from our customer. Her face was beaming... she was "oohing" and "aahing" how beautiful it was... what a great job we did... and she couldn't wait to show it off to her friends and neighbors.

And do you know what happened next?

You probably guessed it. We got lots of referral business from people who saw her carpet artwork because, as you know, they had to keep up with the Joneses.

The most enjoyable part was... we received similar, exuberant reactions from each of our customers who commissioned us to create personalized carpet artworks for their homes or businesses.

In 1990 we decided to share our secrets with a handful of people in the US, since we obviously can't supply the whole country with personalized carpets. As a matter of fact, we can't even service all of the people in our little town of La Habra, CA.

Enter Carpet Sculpture Gallery®

In 1991 we built a National Training Center, where we've been conducting hands-on workshops for people who wanted to start their own business from their home, and introduce decorative carpet sculptures in their area.

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