150 Million Prospects

150 Million Prospects

Our research revealed that up till now only about two and a half million (2,500,000) people know about our exciting, home-based Business Opportunity through Magazine ads, and... That's less than one (1%) percent of the total population in the US and Canada!

The remaining two hundred ninety-million (290,000,000) people residing there have never even heard about one-of-a-kind carpet sculptures that can transform an ordinary house into the "Showplace of the Neighborhood."

We Estimate There Are At Least
One Hundred-Fifty Million (150,000,000)
Possible Prospects

out of the two hundred ninety million residents in the US and Canada, who'd love to find out about these beautiful custom carpets. And from past experience we know...

  • once they feast their eyes on these gorgeous creations,

  • once they are able to run their hands over these valuable, three-dimensional sculptures,

  • and once they can see the many possibilitities decorating with personalized carpet artworks that match a design from their wallpaper, or upholstery, or a stained-glass window, etc... They Are Hooked!

And here comes the best part: In order to service this potentially huge demand, we estimate that at least five-thousand (5,000) CSG Artisans will be needed who are capable of supplying these much wanted handcrafted products.

Did you catch that?

Since we only taught our CSG System™ to 521 Entrepreneurs so far, we estimate that another

Four Thousand Five-Hundred (4,500)
CSG Licensees Are Needed To Satisfy
This Potentially Huge Demand!

The more people see, touch and admire these beautiful carpet artworks, the more qualified carpet artisans will be required. And... I wouldn't be surprised, if my projection of five-thousand carpet sculptors to supply the ever increasing demand in the US & Canada... will be way too low!

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