CSG Goes International

CSG Goes International

News Of The Gallery Has Spread Like Wildfire Throughout North America
And Overseas.

Not only US and Canadian residents have fallen in love with personalized carpet sculptures, we've been inundated with requests from people all over the world who have seen our colorful ads in Entrepreneur International Magazine, or on the Internet, and want to introduce our business in their area.

And since companies from foreign countries are offering to pay us large sums of money for the rights to our proprietary CSG System™ -- we've decided to invest a great deal of our time opening new CSG Master Franchises around the globe.

We already sold a CSG Master Franchise to the UK & Ireland for a License Fee of $300,000 ... to Singapore & Malaysia for a License Fee of $125,000, and a CSG Regional License for the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, for $37,500. But that's only part of the money we're going to receive in the future...

Since our UK Master Franchise has opened their own CSG Training Center and they're scheduled to train & set-up 400 CSG Sub-Franchises in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & Ireland within the next 4 to 5 years...

We'll Be Receiving Monthly Royalties From Each International CSG Master Franchise And Sub-Franchise For Years To Come!

And the same scenario will apply to all future CSG International Master Franchises.

Obviously, this is a lot more lucrative for us than conducting hands-on workshops for individuals from North America, where we only get paid for the initial training.

Now, don't get me wrong. Even though -- due to the strong international demand -- our time recruiting additional CSG Licensees from the US and Canada is limited, we certainly don't want to give up our North American market, especially since our estimate shows that at least another 4,500 carpet sculptors will be needed to supply future demand.

So -- how could we take care of our international commitments and also keep the North American market growing as well? After investigating all our options, I believe we've found the perfect solution, and solving this problem could become a real blessing for you.

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