Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

Ed Cobb from New Jersey called me with great news. He just sold 6 custom rugs to a lady, and he now has 24 custom carpets under construction.

A short time afterwards, Ed called again. He said: "Guess what, I just got confirmation on another major deal I bid two months ago. I have enough work to last me for months to come... and I'll be making a six-figure income this year. I've never made so much money in my life...and I had 3 other businesses before I started carpet sculpting."

Ed is not really a guy who shows a lot of emotion, but he is overwhelmed with the success of his business. You could have similar success, once you learn our proprietary CSG System™...

If you are a CSG Candidate, you can talk to Ed and other CSG Licensees what it takes to become successful in this unique business.

If you want to learn our lucrative CSG System and become part of our CSG family - soon to be around the globe - you must be a self-starter, and have the determination & perseverance to become successful by following our proven plan.

You also must share our vision that there are thousands of people in your area who would like to beautify and personalize their homes and/or offices with one-of-a-kind RugArt… And you could be the one to supply this much-wanted product.

If you want to find out if this business is right for you, click here to request our FREE video & portfolio, which gives you all the details, so you can make an informed decision. Included in the portfolio is our Reference Sheet of CSG Licensees you can call to verify the huge potential of this business.

Once you've done your homework and you decided that this is the Home Business you've been looking for, call me at 562-690-9467 for any unanswered questions.


Volker K. Bauerle

P.S. Since we're planning to invest 80% of our time setting up CSG Master Licensees around the globe who pay us up to $300,000 for the rights to our proprietary CSG System™. PLUS royalties, we will only be able to conduct a limited amount of workshops for North Americans in the future.

P.P.S. The $24,900 Training & License Fee includes 40-hour training for both businesses... (Carpet Design, Inlay & Sculpture to be used as decorative floor-and wall coverings...PLUS How To Put A Design Into An Existing Wall-To-Wall Carpet).

You'll not only learn our secrets creating beautiful carpet sculptures... and get our proprietary tools -- we also show you how to operate this Fun Business from home... and how to line up more work than you can handle, part- or full-time.

When you consider that Industry Experts have valued our Business Opportunity at US $100,000, -- due to the lucrative Profit Margins, where you can earn up to $1,000 a day...or more --

The $24,900 Training & License Fee -- Including All Proprietary Tools, Supplies & Marketing -- Looks Like Quite A Bargain, Doesn't It?

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