7 Reasons Why...

7 Reasons Why...

(1.) The market is growing by leaps and bounds... because our proprietary CSG System™ makes personalized carpet sculptures affordable not just for the rich... but also for the middle-class!

As mentioned above, in the past, handcrafted carpet sculptures were an Old European craft, affordable only by the wealthy. However, CSG's exclusive RugArt™ Process and Patent-Pending tools make it possible that -- for the very first time -- even middle class consumers can afford one-of-a-kind custom carpet creations matching their decor.

Can you imagine how many doors this will open? And if you are selected for this Special Program, you could have your own lucrative Home Business supplying this much wanted and highly paid service in your area... while having the time of your life!

(2.) The potential market for personalized carpet artworks is gigantic... but there are just a few qualified carpet sculptors available today to satisfy this potentially HUGE DEMAND!

Homeowners are clamoring for these beautiful carpet artworks, which are suitable for wall-to- wall carpets, and as decorative floor-coverings on top of carpets, marble, tile and wood floors.

Businesses and hotels want logos in their lobbies and boardrooms. Architects, custom builders, decorators, interior designers, remodelers, resorts, galleries, cinemas, shopping malls, airports... are all requesting these decorative floor-coverings, but there are only a handful of qualified carpet sculptors available to satisfy this potentially huge demand. But that's not all.

(3.) CSG makes Carpet Sculpture Home Business twice as profitable with the introduction of new RugArt™ Wall Coverings.

As if decorating floors with custom carpet artworks wouldn't be enough, CSG introduced RugArt™ Wall Coverings, allowing CSG Licensees to make twice as much profit. This new decorating idea incorporates the beauty of inlaid & sculptured designs, and the finished product can be proudly displayed on walls in homes, businesses and commercial institutions.

(4.) CSG adds Fiber Optics in iridescent colors to make RugArt™ Wall Coverings even more desirable and valuable...

Ask yourself... how many walls could be decorated and beautified in the US and Canada with this exciting, new Functional Art? You can add even more dazzle to these stunning wall decorations by incorporating Fiber Optics in iridescent colors. And if you're selected, you'll be able to offer these fabulous "conversation pieces" just about everybody would like to own. But there's even more!

(5.) CSG introduces a 3rd. Profit Center, which could add another $20,000 to $50,000... or more to your Bottom Line... giving CSG Licensees the chance to make a Six-Figure Income by using all three money-making strategies!

You'll learn CSG's exclusive process...

"How To Successfully Inlay & Sculpt A Design Into
An Existing Wall-To-Wall Carpet"

that can transform an ordinary $20/sq. yd. carpet into a $100 - $500/sq. yd. carpet artwork.

Best of all... this is Virgin Territory... there is No Competition! Only CSG Licensees will be able to successfully provide this much wanted service.

(6.) This is a great family business without a lot of hassles. It is low-tech, easy and inexpensive to set-up, and it is simple to operate from your own home...

You don't need to have a doctor's or college degree to operate this business from your home. There are neither hassles with the landlord, nor red tape with state and city officials... because you're not opening a retail store. You don't have to pay rent, workman's compensation and other expenses connected with the operation of a regular business, nor do you have to hire help, unless you want to. You're in charge, you are the boss, you'll be making all your own decisions.

(7.) This business is a lot of Fun to operate... and No artistic abilities are required to create these gorgeous carpet artworks... anybody can do it!

Let me put your mind at ease... I am no artist. My 15-year old granddaughter has a lot more artistic abilities than I've been blessed with. However, even without this God-given gift, I am able to match any client's design and create the most detailed, colorful carpet artwork you've ever seen. And you could do the same, just like Jeannie Hanks from Colorado, who wrote us:

"Dear Volker and Gina. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become part of your CSG family. You don't know how long I've been looking for a home-based business that would not only be challenging, but also fun to operate.

"When I saw your beautiful carpet sculptures, I knew right away that this was it -- my search was over. But would I have the artistic ability to create these stunning works of art? It looked difficult, but I was willing to try. When I arrived at CSG, I was a little nervous, because my financial future was at stake. However, your whole staff was great, they treated me as family and gave me the encouragement I needed. It was fantastic to learn so much in such a short time.

"Now I am able to offer my customers totally personalized carpets in any color and style they want. It's such a fun business because people come to me with designs from their wallpaper, upholstery, or stained-glass windows. I can turn their designs into beautiful works of art. I want to thank you and your whole staff for teaching me this wonderful business. Gina, your tender, sweet personality reminds me so much of my own mother. If I didn't already have a great mother, I might let you adopt me... Ha! Thanks again. Gratefully, Jeannie"

These are just 7 reasons why so many people from the US and Canada decided to learn our proprietary CSG System™ and become CSG Licensees.

What About Competition?

Right now, I want to open your eyes why you don't have to worry about competition, due to the following facts: You see, at our last convention in Kauai, I asked all the attendants how many customers they were handling in one year. I bet, you'll never guess what the final tally was:

Our CSG Licensees Were Servicing A Minimum Of Only Six (6) To A Maximum of Forty-Two (42) Customers Per Year!

What does this figure tell you?

  1. At the present time we have one CSG Licensee available trying to take care of a population of 593,000! I let you figure out how many qualified carpet sculptors will be needed, once the general public finds out about these one-of-a-kind artworks.

  2. Most customers don't just end up with one custom designed carpet for their home or office. Once they experience how these personalized artworks enhance the decor of their homes and/or offices, they just can't get enough.

Well, I think that's enough background about CSG and why so many CSG Licensees have signed up to learn our proprietary system and start their own Home Business.

Now, Let's Talk About The Future...
And The Lucrative Opportunities
Waiting For You.

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