Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

Before I go on...

Here's What Satisfied Customers Say About Our Handcrafted Carpet Artworks:

Gary Halbert from 3101 S.W. 34th Ave, in Ocala, Florida -- one of the elite marketing geniuses in the world -- writes a newsletter that is bought by subscribers in over 50 countries. He comments:

"When Volker told me he could make a rug for me from any design I wanted, I took him by his word. I had recently admired an ad in a magazine that was a scene of a young girl snorkeling and I really liked the colorful graphics. So I told him to give it a try.

"When the rug was finished, I was prepared to fake my enthusiasm. Lo and behold -- it wasn't necessary! I was truly amazed. The rug was just like the picture -- complete with colorful little fish. In fact, it is hung right behind my desk. I consider it more than a rug -- it's a work of art. Thanks again, Volker."

Marcy Zwelling, M.D. has an office in Los Alamitos, California. Dr. Zwelling ordered two custom carpets, matching designs from the wallpaper in the waiting room and her private office. She was so thrilled with the results, she immediately ordered custom designed carpets for two other rooms.

But... that was only the beginning. In the meantime she ordered a 16' x 9' carpet artwork for her master bedroom at her home in Long Beach, matching a design from her wallpaper.

Then our artisans created a 14' x 12' carpet for her familyroom, matching the design from the ceramic tile around her fireplace.

For the hallway, Dr. Zwelling wanted a 6' x 5' royal blue carpet, where we incorporated a design from her wallpaper into the carpet via our amazing "Michelangelo" sculpture technique.

Now you might say: "I just lost you. I don't have a clue what a "Michelangelo" sculpture technique is. Could you be more explicit, so I can figure out what you're talking about?"

Allright. As you probably know, "Michelangelo" -- the famous painter & sculptor from Italy -- used a slab of marble to create his masterpieces. I saw "David" -- which is one of his most famous sculptures -- displayed in a museum in Florence. It is awesome.

Creating our masterpieces requires top quality plush carpets, our tools (we manufacture all our special tools)... and the proper skills. For Dr. Zwelling's job, we started out with a royal blue carpet and then sculpted out the wallpaper design in the "Michelangelo" style, using our "Bas-Relief" tool.

The Finished Piece Is A 3-Dimensional Carpet Sculpture... That Looks Absolutely Exquisite!

We created other one-of-a-kind custom carpets, matching designs from Dr. Zwelling's interior, for her home office, the exercise room, and a runner for the stairway... All the rooms on the 2nd. and 3rd. floor were covered with RugArt™... except her guest bedroom.

She told me:

"I don't need a custom designed carpet for this room. A year ago I paid $5,000 for a 3' x 5' Chinese rug at a carpet store in New York... and I'll use it in the guest bedroom in front of the bed."

Guess what... it didn't work.

The wallpaper Dr. Zwelling picked for the guest bedroom was very busy, with peacocks in it. Since she likes to coordinate every room in her home, she also had a chair upholstered with the design from the wallpaper. After the chair was delivered, she called me and said:

"When I put the Chinese rug next to the chair, it looked ridiculous. So -- you need to make me something for the guest bedroom after all."

We did... Gladly.

When you open the door to the guest bedroom, the first thing you see now is a colorful peacock, inlaid into a 10' x 12' maroon carpet, matching the wallpaper, colors, feathers... the works. 12" from the outside of the carpet, we sculpted a simple V-line, just to make it more elegant.

For our efforts, we charged Dr. Zwelling $5,000... She was thrilled with the results and the price!

So -- here's the lesson. For the same amount of money she paid for the 3' x 5' (15 sq.ft.) Chinese rug that didn't match anything, and is still stored in a closet, she now owns a 10' x 12' (120 sq.ft.) custom carpet artwork that perfectly matches her wallpaper and chair.

That's what our business is all about...

Matching The Customer's Interiors To Perfection, For Less Money Than Quality Oriental Carpets... That Match Nothing!

Here are Dr. Zwelling's comments about our services:

"I can honestly say the work done by the Carpet Sculpture Gallery® is exemplary. I get nothing but wonderful accolades from anyone who comes to my office or home and admires the carpets.

"Volker and his staff were able to take a pattern from my wallpaper and place it into the carpet. The detail and color are beautiful. I have nothing but praise for their services and workmanship and often refer them to patients and clients."

Patrick L. Burns, President of United Ad Label Company, asked me to create a Logo carpet for the lobby of his building at 650 Columbia, in Brea, CA, and a tapestry for his private office featuring a boat in the ocean. He was quite pleased with the results, as you can see from his letter below:

"My first exposure to the world of Carpet Art and Design was fantastic. Vivid colors, crisp and detailed sculpturing, and remarkably authentic scenery."

Laura Mako
lives in Beverly Hills, California. She has been the decorator of the movie stars for decades. Too bad she is now retired. Ms. Mako is one of the few truly professional decorators I look up to. She's always delivered top quality and total satisfaction to her famous clients...

Ms. Mako asked us to duplicate a painting she has hanging on the wall in her country home in Maryland. She wanted to place the matching carpet on the hardwood floor right underneath the painting.

Here's her reaction: "Thank you so much for the sculptured tapestry of the Dan Lutz painting. It is beautiful. Everyone that has seen it raves about the wonderful workmanship. I am so happy with it."

Of course we have many more Rave letters from satisfied customers, but I don't have the space to print them all...

If -- after all you've read so far -- you're still not convinced that there is a huge carpet sculpture market waiting for you to be conquered, this business is obviously not for you.

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