What Others Say...

What Others Say...

But, don't take my word for it about the huge demand for carpet sculptures. Go ahead and read what Robin Montgomery from Income Opportunities Magazine -- America's #1 Source Of Money Making Ideas -- writes:

"Traditionally used as a functional backdrop in interior design, carpeting has mainly taken a back seat in the scheme of colors and patterns. But no more. The rise of a new trend in the industry -- carpet sculpting -- offers both home and business owners the chance to let carpeting become the focal point of their interior designs...

"A relatively new and highly specialized craft, carpet sculpture provides personalized designs, for wall-to-wall carpets, area rugs and wall displays. Carpet sculptors can craft simple borders on rugs as well as intricate designs such as still lives, landscapes, portraits, pet images & logos.

"Any image can be developed into a rug sculpture of any size or dimension. The idea is to personalize the home or office with a matching interior design... The increasing popularity of carpet sculpting - and lack of competition in the field can mean plush profits for the right entrepreneur..."

"Sculptured Carpets, For Wall Or Floor Display, Lend Character And Sophistication To Any Setting"

is the Headline in the one and a half page editorial about Carpet Sculpture Gallery® -- featured in "LIFESTYLES" -- a popular section in the leading consumer Magazine "The Robb Report."

In this article, the editor writes:

..."When is a rug not a rug? When it's a custom-created sculptured carpet, currently one of the hottest trends in interior design..."

And the Dalton Carpet Journal in Dalton, Georgia featured our "San Francisco Wall Tapestry" and Carpet Sculpture Gallery® -- with the following Headline and Cover Story:

"Rug Sculpting Gets New Life --
California Gallery Teaches Art"

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. -- "The fine art of carpet sculpting and custom inlay design is experiencing a renaissance ... through Carpet Sculpture Gallery® which teaches classes in the art form... People are coming from throughout the country to study techniques that have been kept secret for 500 years...

"... Graduates of the Gallery can reproduce almost any design imaginable -- from a "Matisse" (famous French painter), to a warm floral arrangement, which can be brought vividly to life in a carpet for the home or office.

"... It used to be companies wanted the public to look up at their logos. Now they want People to look down and step on them..."

If you're still not convinced about the huge profitability of custom designed carpet sculpture, read Anthony Osimo's special column... "OPPORTUNITY WATCH" in New Business Opportunities Magazine. He writes about this business in general -- and Carpet Sculpture Gallery® in particular:

"... Based on skills learned from Bauerle (that's me, the author of this letter) and his professional staff, prospective carpet sculptors can carve their own niche in the multi-billion dollar floor-covering market, selling custom-made carpet creations, matching the customer's decor to homes, businesses, hotels, resorts, cinemas, shopping malls, airports, etc..."

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