Satisfied CSG Licensees

Satisfied CSG Licensees

Do you know what successful people do before making a decision?

They ask themselves: "What's the worst thing that could happen?"

Werner Lindemaier, a CSG Licensee from Battle Ground, WA, told me what went through his mind before he made the decision to sign up for our very first workshop.

"By joining CSG," Werner said, "I would become one of the elite carpet sculptors in the world. That by itself would be worth a lot to me. Even if I'd just decorate our home with custom carpets, matching designs from our interior, once our neighbors and friends would see these beautiful, one-of-a-kind carpets, they would want to order one or more custom rugs, matching their decor... so I'd at least get my investment back.

"However, if the market would only be half as big as I thought, I would be so busy creating carpet sculptures there would be no way to handle the demand..."

After graduating from the CSG workshop, Werner Lindemaier first worked out of his basement at home on a part-time basis, while running his insurance business. Within a year he sold the insurance business and went into carpet sculpting full time.

Most of his business came from just a couple of Home & Garden Shows a year in Portland, Oregon. Business was booming and he needed more space.

A bigger home on a 2-1/2 acre lot was the answer, where he could place a 42' x 24' studio in his back yard. Then his wife Pat quit her job, and she is now working side-by-side with Werner. And they've hired another person to help them... because

There Is More Work Than They Can Handle!

One of the jobs they handcrafted was a custom carpet, retailing for $17,000! And at least half of that is Profit!!

Yes, The Lindemaier's Made $8,500 Profit On Just One Job!

Werner said: "It took me 50 years of my life to find the work I enjoy, and I'm glad I made the right choice to become a CSG Licensee."

You can talk to Werner and Pat Lindemaier and ask them any questions about this lucrative FUN business. Their phone number is (360) 687-1253.

Michael Barnett spent 16 years in law enforcement. Yet despite the excitement of a law enforcement career, Barnett says he didn't find his true calling until he began Rocky Mountain Carpet Gallery, the carpet sculpture business he now operates from his home.

"I just wish I hadn't been over 40 when I finally discovered this," Barnett jokes. "These days I'm working harder than I ever have, but I'm enjoying every minute of it."

In the few years that he has been operating Rocky Mountain Carpet Gallery, Barnett has developed a specialty -- creating carpet sculptures with wildlife and outdoor themes.

Although referrals generate much of his business, he has found wildlife and hunting shows are also a good source of leads. "...I find I'm as busy as I want to be," Barnett said. "In fact, I plan to take a few weeks this winter to work on some projects that I want to do, including creating some samples I can exhibit. Until now, I've been borrowing back finished pieces from my customers, just so I would have something to show -- that's how busy it's been."

Barnett says he knew from the start that this enterprise was right for him.

"It just clicked the minute I saw
the first ad about it,"

he recalls. "I recognized right away that I'd finally found a practical way to make a living as an artist." He adds though, that...

Artistic Talent Is Not Essential To
Your Success.

"You need some manual dexterity, but you don't need to be exceptionally gifted," Barnett said.

By the way, if you're accepted to become a CSG Licensee, you'll also have the opportunity to get your own Website linked to ours. (We'll even help you set it up.)

And if Bill Gates from Microsoft and other experts are right...

Within The Next 2 To 3 Years... About 80% Of Your Business Will Result From Your Presence On The Internet.

The richest man in the world hasn't been wrong many times in the past, don't bet against him!

We have many other happy campers among our CSG Licensees, and -- if you're a serious candidate for one of the workshops -- I'll let you talk with Vicky Nordahl in Maryland who learned her new trade at the ripe old age of 20... (she is really a go-getter, and I'm proud of her accomplishments).

Larry Mead in Iowa, and Ron Imposimato in Massachusetts, or Ed Cobb in New Jersey, or our oldest CSG member, 80 year-old Stewart Douglas in California, are other interesting personalities you may enjoy chatting with about their successes as the local artisans.


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