Profit Potential

Profit Potential

If you're still with me, let me give you an example how much money you can make:

We were commissioned to duplicate the UAL Logo. The finished size was 9' x 12'... Materials cost $198.65... it took one of our artisans 7.25 hours to finish the project... and

We Sold It For $1,500!
Our Profit Came To $1,151.35...

That's an hourly rate of $153.51, which is nothing to sneeze at. (Of course, if you handcraft it yourself, your hourly rate will be $179.50!)

Do you make this kind of money now?

If you don't, wouldn't it be wise to get into our business and join the growing number of CSG Licensees around the world? Or -- if you already have a business -- shouldn't you add our product to yours? You could hire a person to do your present job, while you can have Fun creating carpet sculptures for your customers, who will be thrilled to spend more money with you.

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