Turn $100 into $10,000

How To Turn A $100 Investment Into $10,000 Profit

Q #31: Is there one marketing secret that is superior to any other techniques taught at the CSG workshop? If yes, what is it... and can I be successful with a small advertising budget of $500 or less?

A: Volker came up with an idea neither Jay Abraham nor Gary Halbert thought of. This amazing technique has the potential to set you up with continuous, low-cost leads for life...

Most important, by using this ingenious marketing method, you'd be introduced to people who live in expensive homes, i.e. company executives, or business owners, or doctors, or lawyers...

You'll be taught, step-by-step, how to approach these prime prospects... how to motivate them to invest in one-of-a-kind RugArt™ for their homes and/or businesses... where they can show off their new, exquisite carpet sculptures at their next party.

You'll even learn how to get invited to parties where you'd meet other high-income people who want to keep up with their host...

You could be making mega profits!

Since this special Marketing System could make you a six-figure income, take a close look at some of the details below:

First of all, let's assume, you'll be working with a small advertising budget to start your business. You could choose to invest in newspaper ads, or a radio spot, or any other form of conventional advertising.

Do you get any guarantee that your ad(s) will make you money?

Of course not!

Now -- let's examine the ingenious CSG Marketing System Volker developed for CSG Licensees:

Based on a $100 investment for a qualified lead...

The worst case scenario will be that you'll at least double your $100 investment and get $200 in return. But we can do a lot better than that...

Your $100 investment can turn into $500... to $1,000... to $2,000 Profits... But we can do even better than that...

Here is your best case scenario:

Your $100 investment can turn into $3,000 to $5,000... even to $10,000... and more PROFITS!


Q #32: Are there any other secrets I would learn at CSG's Strategic Marketing session that nobody else would be teaching me?

A: Besides all the specialized marketing techniques above, you'd be learning a lot more, i.e.

  • How to use your telephone for prospecting.

    Only 15 minutes a day is required to get more qualified leads than you can handle, if you do it properly.

How to qualify your leads.

This lesson is probably one of the most important lessons in our marketing. Volker will explain in detail the six questions you must ask before you set up an appointment.

By asking the right questions, you'll find out if you have a potential customer or just a "tirekicker."

Once you've mastered this proven method, you'll never chase down bad leads again and waste your precious time and efforts!

Q #33: Is it true that CSG will teach me How to get FREE EDITORIALS from newspapers and magazines, valued at thousands of dollars?

A: You will learn...

How to get FREE EDITORIALS from newspapers and magazines, valued at Thousands of Dollars.

Some of our CSG Licensees received full-page editorials with color pictures of their products, absolutely FREE! Newspaper and magazine editors get inundated with requests for FREE editorials.

Volker will teach you the little known tricks how to get the editor's attention, so he/she selects your News Release and gets it published!


A: Yes, we'll show you...

How to get on RADIO and TELEVISION FREE.

Volker got this secret from a former newscaster on Nation's Business. This idea is dynamite and could get you lots of FREE ADVERTISING!

Q #35: How can I bypass the secretary and reach the Decision Makers at medium size and larger companies?

A: You'll learn at the marketing session...

How to reach the DECISION MAKERS.

If you've ever tried to deal with an officer of a company, and then got stuck with an overzealous secretary, you will appreciate this extremely valuable information, taught to Volker by Guru Gary Halbert.

You can't sell anything unless you present your product to the right person(s) who has the power to make decisions.

Q #36: Is there one Marketing Strategy -- taught by CSG -- that does not cost anything to implement... yet has a high chance of success?

A: Volker will teach you a little known marketing strategy that does not cost you a penny to implement, yet It could supply you with profitable business almost instantly!

Q #37: What are "Back-End" sales? I've heard the expression, but I'm not sure. Could you please explain it?

A: Entrepreneurs have paid Jay Abraham up to $50,000 to find out about this "turbocharged earnings booster". The best part is... once you've learned this secret, your income could triple, and, get this... your customers will actually thank you for spending more money with you.

Q #38: What about joint-ventures with CSG and/or CSG Licensees?

A: Below are details how you can make more money by doing joint-ventures with CSG and/or CSG Licensees.

As mentioned above... you will never lose any lucrative job, just because you couldn't handle it all by yourself. Either CSG will help you out, or we'll find you any number of qualified CSG Licensees who will gladly give you a hand to meet your deadline.


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