CSG Exclusive Training

CSG Exclusive Training

Q #7: Does CSG supply exclusive training nobody else provides? If yes, what is it... and how much additional money could I make by implementing this exclusive training?

A: CSG provides exclusively:

Hands-on training to incorporate any design into an existing wall-to-wall carpet that transforms an ordinary $20/sq. yd. carpet into a $100 - $500/sq. yd. carpet artwork.

To our knowledge -- no other company can do this successfully! This additional profit center could add another $20,000 to $50,000 a year to your bottom line.

Q #8: Does CSG teach me how to put fiber-optics into custom area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets?

A: CSG provides hands-on training to integrate fiber optics in iridescent colors into carpets and/or wall tapestries, highlighting scenes, to make these carpet artworks even more attractive and profitable for you.

Q #9: If I attend a CSG workshop, can I give my customers a GUARANTEE on the workmanship of the inlaid and/or sculpted carpets I'll create for them? If yes, for how long?

A: Our proprietary system makes it possible to Guarantee the workmanship of all RugArt™ Products for a LIFETIME, so these carpet artworks can be passed on as heirlooms to future generations.

Q #10: What happens, if I get a job that is too big to handle by myself? Will CSG and/or other CSG Licensees help me getting my job finished on time... or will I have to turn down large, lucrative jobs... simply because I can't meet the customer's deadline?

A: We offer you JOINT VENTURES with Carpet Sculpture Gallery® and/or CSG Licensees.

Let's assume that you get a contract with a franchise company for 100 custom Logos. However, the contract states you have to finish the total job within 6 weeks. Of course, you would never be able to get the job done all by yourself.

Instead of having to turn down any lucrative job, either CSG will help you, or we'll find you one or more qualified CSG Licensees who will guarantee you'll meet your deadline. I am sure, you agree that 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.


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