Q #45: Would you mind summarizing all the Features & Options CSG provides... if I choose to become a CSG Licensee and CSG accepts me for a hands-on workshop?

A: Here is the summary:

Carpet Sculpture Gallery® in La Habra, CA provides the only Carpet Inlay & Sculpture Workshop that combines numerous Profit Centers with state-of-the-art marketing.


    Hands-on Training for one-of-a-kind carpet sculptures, used

    (a) In wall-to-wall carpets, or
    (b) As custom area rugs on hard or soft surfaces.


    Hands-on Training for FUNCTIONAL ART displayed on walls, with optional fiber optics in iridescent colors, highlighting scenes, to make these carpet artworks even more attractive... and profitable.


    Hands-on Training to incorporate any design into an existing wall- to-wall carpet that transforms an ordinary $20/sq. yd. Carpet into a $100 - $500/sq. yd. Carpet Artwork.

  • State-of -the-art marketing & merchandising, taught by the President of CSG, Volker Bauerle, who learned many of his unique strategies from Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert & Mike Enlow, possibly the most brilliant marketing minds in the US.

  • Back-up of all training via broadcast quality videotapes & manuals, including the 199- page CSG Marketing Course©... ensuring that each new CSG Licensee leaves with one hundred percent (100%)… not with about eight percent (8%), which is the average most people retain when they attend a workshop.

For your $24,900 investment you get products & services from CSG valued at over $80,000 including - but not limited - to the following:

  1. CSG's Intensive 40-hour workshop at our La Habra, CA Training Center.

  2. CSG's Proprietary tools, equipment & supplies (41 items including our Patent-Pending "Key Palm Cutter").

  3. CSG's Third Profit Center* (Proprietary Process putting designs into existing carpet).

  4. CSG's State-of-the-art Hands-on Training Videos & Manuals (6-figure Production Cost).

  5. CSG's Proprietary Business Development & Marketing Videotape (Production cost $5,500).

  6. CSG's Proprietary Operations Manual (includes everything you need to get started fast).

  7. CSG's Professional Carpet Sample (beautifully inlaid & sculpted by one of our artisans).

  8. CSG's Marketing Course© (at a $50,000 Jay Abraham seminar you'd learn just part of this).

  9. CSG's Corporate Headquarters Support (helps you with anything you need to get started).

  10. CSG's Public Relations Support (taught to you in our CSG Marketing Course©).

  11. CSG's Newsletters (keeping you informed about our new tools & marketing strategies).

  12. *Your own Web Site (linked to CSG's web site with your own ad attracting paying customers).

  13. *CSG's proprietary RugCalc™ Software System (it took over 1000 hours to develop).

    Find out how you can get this $2,000 Option FREE...

  14. *CSG's Exclusive Artist's Portfolio (20 -11" x 14" Professional Photos of RugArt™ Creations).

  15. *CSG's Carpet Store In A Briefcase® that could double your income.

  16. CSG's Remnant Pack (50 sq. yds. Of top quality carpet in decorator colors).

Q #46: Would you tell me about your most incredible option -- CSG's Full-size Carpet Store In A Briefcase® -- where I can offer my customers up to 50,000 colors (not 20-40 colors most carpet outlets supply) -- and get any color under the sun -- as small as 1.33 sq. yds?

A: Finally, for a select group of entrepreneurs, we have one more option:

If you're qualified, we can set you up in your very own Custom Carpet Business via our exclusive Full-Size Carpet Store In A Briefcase® with 40 private labeled Styles.

Here comes the best part:

Instead of getting 20 - 40 colors per style, as most regular carpet outlets provide, your customers will be able to choose from up to FIFTY THOUSAND (50,000) custom colors!

Imagine, you will be able to provide custom carpet in practically any color under the sun as small as 12 square feet (1.33 sq. yds.).

No carpet store anywhere will be able to match this. Even carpet franchises requiring an investment of $50,000... or more do not have this feature!


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