CSG Exclusive Marketing

CSG Exclusive Marketing

Q #29: What will I learn at CSG's Strategic Marketing Training... and what are the credentials of the teacher... and how much money could I earn?

A: During our advanced marketing & merchandising training, you'll learn about the

"10 Keys to Your Success".

Volker Bauerle, President of CSG who has been running successful businesses since 1963, will be your teacher for this most important segment of the CSG workshop.

All of the marketing strategies, discussed during the training, and many more little known secrets, can be found in the CSG Marketing Course© authored by Volker.

Each CSG Graduate will get a copy of this copyrighted 199 page reference book that

Teaches thirteen (13) ways, how to market
One-of-a-kind RugArt™
To home-and business owners.

By following these proven marketing strategies, you could make up to $100... or more per hour.

If you are qualified to join our growing CSG family around the globe, you can talk to CSG Licensees who are making lots of money and having the time of their lives, to verify the potential of this unique business.

During the marketing session, you'll learn much more than just the basics of how to offer these beautiful artworks at FINE ART PRICES.

Our CSG Marketing Course© combines the newest and most secret techniques Volker learned from the real Pro's in the industry.

Before writing the CSG Marketing Course© -- Volker invested tens of thousands of dollars on seminars and tapes to learn from these marketing giants. The cream of the crop are

Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert and Mike Enlow.

Jay Abraham is easily the most conceited, abrasive and probably the highest paid marketing expert of our time. He charges up to $5,000 per hour if he likes you and you have a winning product.

Or he demands an ungodly sum of money upfront to orchestrate a winning marketing plan for his clients, and he also gets up to 50% of the profits he creates!

In his spare time Jay conducts marketing seminars. He has charged up to $50,000 per attendee for his marketing secrets. And even at this price he packs them in.

People from all over the world fly to California to get taught by this marketing genius. As you can see, this guy is a gem at any price. At least that's what some of his clients think who have made a small fortune using Jay Abraham's dynamic marketing techniques.

Howard Ruff, a financial publisher, wrote:

"Jay Abraham is the finest marketing mind on this planet. I paid Jay $600,000 (yes, that's six hundred thousand US Dollars) one year because he made me two million and all the money I paid him came out of the profits his concepts made me."

Chase Revel, founder of Entrepreneur Magazine says: "...Over the last 15 years I made over 1.5 million from just one thing Jay taught me...".

Well I could go on with success stories from business people Jay Abraham helped with his cutting-edge marketing, his Bio is 12 pages long.

However, I'm not here to sell you on one of his seminars, I just want you to appreciate this man's genius which could benefit you in the future, if you're chosen to become one of our CSG Licensees, since Volker has been personally coached by this marketing guru.

Volker claims:

"Jay taught me more dynamic Marketing Secrets in 60 Minutes than I've learned in 30 years running our floor-covering business!"

Most of Jay's dynamic marketing strategies, plus many more from other world-class experts including Gary Halbert, Mike Enlow, Ted Nicholas, Zig Ziglar, Michael Le Boeuf... plus techniques Volker developed over four decades, are incorporated in our

CSG Marketing Course©.

To learn all these methods over the last 40+ years cost Volker & CSG about a quarter million dollars.

So -- if you do not get at least $100,000 worth of business during your very first year, you are simply not using even half of the marketing secrets revealed in this course.

It gives you detailed, specific instructions

How To Implement Successful Marketing Strategies
That Lets You Cash In On The $110 Billion Dollar
A Year Home-Improvement Industry.

Q #30: Can you give me more details about some of the secret Marketing Strategies I would be learning?

A: Below are some of the secrets you will learn during the marketing segment at our workshop:

  • How to set up a Business Plan that works.

    The failure rate for most new entrepreneurs is above 90%!


    One of the main reasons is the lack of a proper Business Plan. And... unless you adhere to it, you're doomed to fail!

  • Who are your prospects to buy these carpet artworks, and why will they buy from you?

    We'll give you a list of prospects several pages long. But that's not all. You'll find out how to joint-venture with companies who already cater to upscale customers. This is another one of Jay's little gems.

  • How, where and when to advertise your product.

    Volker devised a marketing plan that is inexpensive and simple to execute, yet very effective.

    You'll find out that there is no need to waste your money on expensive ads in the Yellow Pages, or other conventional advertising. There are much better ways to invest your advertising dollars.

    Since all RugArt™ products are top-quality and stunningly beautiful, they have to be presented in a classy way. Volker already did all the hard work and composed three letters for you to send to different prospects who can't wait to own a personal carpet artwork.

    All you have to do is put in your name, address and phone number and send it... no, no, no, definitely not in a standard envelope with a First Class stamp attached!


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