CSG vs Others

CSG Versus Others

Q #1: I heard about another company that charges less to teach carpet sculpting. Why should I pay more money to get training at CSG?

A: Do you want the most value for your investment, or just the least expensive training? Remember the old saying: "You get what you pay for." Once you compare the features other carpet sculpture training schools offer with all the benefits of a 40-hour CSG hands-on workshop, you'll find that CSG provides up to 85% more value than any of the others.

Q #2: Could you be more specific and explain why CSG offers the most value of any carpet sculpture training school?

A: Vincent van Gogh, the famous Dutch painter, was not able to sell any of his paintings during his lifetime. He was a terrific craftsman, but a terrible salesman. After his death, his paintings have been sold for millions of dollars.

As this example shows, just being the best craftsperson in your field, does NOT guarantee you automatic success. However, it is a vital ingredient, and -- according to the Small Business Administration (SBA) -- it is valued at 15%. The other 85% comes from Strategic Marketing.

And that's where most other training schools fall short. They put their main emphasis on the hands-on segment, which accounts for only 15%, while CSG supplies 100% of your success...

Only CSG offers state-of-the-art marketing, taught by CSG President Volker Bauerle, who has been privately tutored by Jay Abraham & Gary Halbert, probably the most brilliant marketing experts in the US.

If you want to own a "Rolls Royce" -- you don't expect to get it for the price of a Ford Escort, do you? Carpet Sculpture Gallery® is considered the "Rolls Royce" in the carpet sculpture industry.

Q #3: Why is CSG considered the "Rolls Royce" in the Carpet Sculpture Field?

A: Here's why:

  • Other training schools work with tools that are manufactured by companies who make tools for the entire floor-covering industry.

  • CSG developed their own proprietary carpet sculpting tool, which is the lightest and most flexible in the industry. In addition, CSG developed a patent-pending cutting tool that cuts carpet almost as thin as a hair. This enables the operator to create even the tiniest inlay piece with unmatched precision. And only CSG Licensees can get these tools.

  • Other training schools -- as mentioned above -- put their main emphasis on the hands-on segment, which will supply you with the basics of carpet inlay & sculpting. But, their training lacks Strategic Marketing.

    There are some schools that include basic marketing in their training. However, take a close look at the credentials of their teacher(s)... to determine if they are qualified to teach this most important segment of your training.

  • CSG, while providing superior hands-on training with the best teachers & tools in the business, puts major emphasis on Strategic Marketing.

    If you want to earn up to $100... or more per hour as a carpet sculpture, you need CSG. No other carpet sculpture school can teach you the marketing secrets that lets you make 100% to 400% profits. (More details below).

Q #4: I read that most people attending a hands-on workshop retain only about 10% -- unless it is professionally backed up. Do other carpet sculpting schools back-up any or all segments of their workshop?

A: Other training schools we know of do NOT provide any high quality video backups of their training -- although -- according to Jay Abraham, most people attending a workshop only retain about 8%, unless all the segments are backed up professionally.

Q #5: Does CSG backup any or all segments of their workshop?

A: CSG provides total backup via broadcast quality, full color video tapes of the hands-on training.

Due to the advise of Jay Abraham, CSG hired a professional video company, who works for TV stations in Hollywood, to tape an actual hands-on workshop.

The videos review all the techniques & strategies taught at the workshop. And to make sure that all the details can be seen clearly, it was taped in BETA CAM.

Each CSG Graduate receives a copy of these priceless video tapes, to refresh his/her memory -- or simply to hone his/her skills. Each video comes with a manual that explains everything you see on screen, to make learning our CSG System™ even easier.

Everything is in sequence, from A-Z... so even a 12 year old could learn our proprietary system. That's how good the videos are.

The actual video taping took 52 hours, and the editing about twice as long. However, the results proved it was worth all the effort and the large investment .

CSG could have saved tens of thousands of dollars, if the backup would have been performed with a little camcorder. But -- if you don't use professional equipment, and the video operator isn't a highly sought after specialist in his field, you don't get broadcast quality results.

This guarantees that our new CSG Licensees don't have to worry about anything they may have missed during the training... because ALL the hands-on action has been backed up 100%.

And the marketing has been backed up via the 187-page CSG Marketing Course©...

Q #6: Does CSG advertise the total price for all the training, tools & supplies -- so I'll know how much the total investment is going to cost -- or do you just advertise the price for the training, as other schools do?

A: All other training schools (we know of) only advertise the price of training. They do NOT include the price of the tools and initial supplies.

CSG's prices include all training, tools, licensing and the supplies to get you started quickly. Plus the most important feature -- Strategic Marketing.

Other training schools ... Chances are... if you choose to get trained somewhere else, this is where your training -- and the comparison with CSG -- ends.


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