Pricing & Profits

Pricing & Profits

Q #39: How do I price these beautiful carpet artworks?

A: Our RugCalc™ Software System will help you determine...

How to price these beautiful carpet artworks.

Volker will give you simple guidelines how much to charge for each custom carpet you produce. Basically, you get paid for your skills and your time, like a surgeon. He charges a lot more to perform a quadruple by-pass operation than for the removal of an appendix.

The beauty is, Volker will show you how to work with anybody's pocketbook. You can handcraft one-of-a-kind custom carpets for your clients from $500 to $25,000 or more and the profits are as beautiful as the carpets.

Q #40: Could you give me an idea about the average percentage of PROFIT I could make?

A: We will give you special guidelines. Would you be happy with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TO FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT PROFITS? (100% - 400%).

Q #41: Is it true that CSG has a secret Marketing Technique which can get me top quality salespeople AT NO COST? If yes, how is this possible?

A: You'll learn...

How to make your satisfied customers your best sales people for years to come... AT NO COST TO YOU.

By using our method correctly... and by adding just two words to the custom label that is adhered to the back of all the carpet artworks you'll produce...

Volker will teach you how to get at least three to four "gold-plated" referrals from each customer... which should translate into two to three highly profitable sales... How much will you be paying for Lead Costs? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

You'll find out details why your customers will love to become your unpaid sales persons for life, which is every business man's dream.

Q #42: Is it true that -- as a CSG Licensee -- I could earn $10,000 PROFIT From Each Lifetime Customer?

A: I saved the best for last! In Volker's "10 Keys To Success" you'll read the answer to this question. Why would you want to settle for a pittance when you can earn a doctor's income?

You'll find out what you must do to convert a one-time customer into a Lifetime customer, and get paid over and over from him, his referrals...

Q #43: How much could CSG's Marketing Secrets & Strategies be worth to you?

A: As you can see, this course is chock-full of little known

Marketing Secrets & Strategies that could be worth
Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Profits to You!

It goes without saying that there are many more marketing techniques you'll learn. One of them is so easy to setup, you can do it the very first day after you're trained.

Q #44: What do CSG Licensees say about the CSG Marketing Course©?

A: Here's what Steve Henderson from Canada had to say about the value of our CSG Marketing Course©. He wrote:

"Just a quick note to say that your Marketing Program is BRILLIANT! Having been in various customer service businesses for years, and priding myself on 'going above and beyond the call of duty' I found some of the points to cover familiar territory.

"However, a refresher never hurt anyone, and for those associates who have not had a lot of customer interaction and are not familiar with the startup stages of a business, I'm sure they will find that chapter very informative.

"If associates simply want to learn the art in order to make rugs for family and friends, they won't need the marketing course. However, if they are serious about starting a business... THEY WILL NEED IT!

"Your 'back-end selling' idea alone is worth the price of the program..."


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