Exclusive CSG Options

Exclusive CSG Options

(See Q #17 to find out how to get these exclusive options at half price or even free.)

Q #12: Is it true that CSG offers a software estimating system that took over 1,000 hours to develop... and can only be used by CSG Licensees... and will make estimates a snap... while eliminating any kind of mistake?

A: In addition to the products CSG provides FREE OF CHARGE -- CSG developed five valuable Options... that could make you reach your goal twice as fast:

Option #1: CSG's Proprietary RugCALC™ Software System making estimates a snap, while eliminating any kind of mistake.

Many of our CSG Licensees asked if we could develop a software system that would make estimates easy, quick and accurate.

Figuring out the small details... how much carpet was needed for each job... how long it should take to finish it... how much to charge, etc. was the least enjoyable part of being a carpet sculptor.

Most of all, they were scared to make a mistake. They wanted a system that would eliminate any human error.

You see, if your figures are wrong, and you don't order enough carpet... or you forget to add an important feature, you could be working for nothing... or even lose money on the job!

We asked the best software designer we could find, to design a software system that would make our CSG Licensees happy.

The end result was: Our user-friendly RugCalc™ Software System makes it a snap to estimate any job right in the prospect's home or office.

Most important, it is bulletproof, so you'll never make a mistake on your estimates. It saves valuable time... and your prospects will be impressed with this HI-TECH professional tool.

To develop this time-and money-saving marvel took over 1,000 hours. If you know what a software designer gets per hour, you'll understand the huge investment our RugCalc™ System represents.

Q #13: Is it true that CSG uses an Artist's Leather Portfolio with twenty (20) 11"x14" photos of RugArt™... taken by one of America's top photographers? Could I get a portfolio for my sales presentations to impress my prospects, so they can see what I am capable of?

A: Yes, you can with...

Option #2: CSG's Exclusive Artist's Portfolio with 20 large, professional photos of RugArt™ creations.

These stunning photos were taken by Dave Tate, one of America's top photographers, who charged $800, plus expenses, for just ONE setting.

Since this portfolio features 20 large photos, you can figure out what CSG paid for the total collection.

When you put this classy portfolio in front of prospective customers, they can't help being impressed with the high quality of these photos and the endless possibilities available to decorate their homes and/or offices with these unique carpet artworks.

The photos depict home settings with beautiful, one-of-a-kind carpet sculptures inlaid into wall-to-wall carpets... or as area rugs on top of carpet... or under a cocktail table... or as decorative accessories on hard surface floors... or as stunning art pieces on walls with colorful fiber optics, highlighting scenes in iridescent colors.

In addition, a photo of the UAL Logo is featured from the Lobby of their Headquarters to help business owners or CEO's visualize how an attractive, handcrafted carpet artwork will add favorably to their company decor... and impress customers with their good taste.

Q #14: Is it true that CSG can set me up with my very own, home-based Carpet Store In A Briefcase®... that could make me a lot of extra money?

A: Yes, you can with...

Option #3: If you just work with decorators & carpet stores, you don't need carpet samples, since the carpet will be supplied by your employer(s), and you're only doing the labor at wholesale prices.

However, if you want to be your own boss and start your own carpet sculpture business from your home, offering one-of-a-kind carpet sculpture products to home-and business owners, you need quality carpet samples to show your prospects.

CSG will set you up with private labeled top quality carpet samples in many decorator colors. If you want to make even more money, you can use these sample books to sell wall-to-wall carpets to each customer.

During the marketing session, Volker will show you... How you could double your income. And your customers will thank you for helping them beautify their place.

Q #15: Would CSG help me design & get up my own web site on the Internet?

A: Yes, we can with...

Option #4: CSG will design, setup and host a 2-page web site for you, linked to CSG's web site. If desired, CSG will even add a picture of you to your web site so potential clients can see what you look like. Details are provided at the workshop.

According to Bill Gates from Microsoft and other leading Internet gurus, within the next 2-3 years, about 80% of business will be conducted through the Internet.

Q #16: Is it really true that CSG can supply me with carpets below wholesale prices?

A: Yes it is true with...

Option #5: CSG's Remnant Pack (50 sq. yds. of top quality carpet in decorator colors).

We buy high quality short rolls and remnants from leading carpet mills. Then we select 6 - 8 different colors & styles and offer these remnant packs to our CSG Licensees at prices way below wholesale.

Q #17: Is it true CSG makes it possible that I can get any or all of the 5 Options, featured in Q. & A. #12 to #16 above -- AT HALF PRICE -- OR EVEN FREE?

A: Yes, we make it possible, if you qualify. By ordering the FREE video & portfolio you'll find out how you can get any or all of the valuable Options - Available Only To CSG Licensees - AT HALF PRICE... OR EVEN FREE.


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