Free Of Charge

Seven Exclusive Products/Services
Free Of Charge

Q #11: I heard that CSG provides seven (7) exclusive products and/or services FREE OF CHARGE -- and that the total of these FREE products/services is valued at $10,000... or more. What are they... and why don't other schools offer them?

A: CSG provides FREE OF CHARGE: (Value $10,000... or more)

  • A proprietary Business Development/Marketing video tape... that shows colorful photos of one-of-a-kind RugArt™ in homes and businesses. Take this powerful new tool to Home Improvement and/or Remodeling Shows, as well as on all your sales calls.

    It will impress your prospects with the many ways carpet sculptures can add beauty and personalization to their home and offices.

  • A stunning, inlaid & sculpted carpet sample, handcrafted by one of CSG's Artisans. This sample has two functions: You can use it to show prospective customers what you are capable of. And secondly to also check your progress as a carpet sculptor.

    Most recent CSG Graduates were capable to create the same quality work, after only about 30 days of practice... with the help of our hands-on videos.

  • Six-Color Brochures with 13 professional photos of RugArt™ Masterpieces. We let you use our expensive brochures, so you don't have to invest a lot of money. It would cost you a minimum of $4,500 to get 1,000 brochures printed ($3,900 for color separations + $600 for printing, PLUS about $13,000 for professional photography).

    Of course, before you could even consider hiring a professional photographer, you first have to create your own Masterpieces...

  • Support from CSG Headquarters. Obviously, in a 40-hour workshop we can't make you an expert Carpet Sculptor, but you will learn the "basics" so you can handle most situations. Whenever you need help or questions come up, just call, or fax, or e-mail CSG to get answers quickly.

  • Public Relations Support. In our CSG Marketing Course© we included a whole chapter on How to get FREE advertising, designed to generate leads.

    We even prepared a sample News Release. All you have to do is... fill in your name, address, phone & fax number and mail or fax it to editors of your local newspaper(s), radio- and TV station(s)...

    Some of our CSG Licensees received thousands of dollars in FREE ADVERTISING.

  • CSG Newsletters, keeping you informed about our new tools and marketing strategies, about special moneysaving purchases, etc. to make CSG Licensees even more successful.
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